Inside: Oyster tattoo designs that will make you swoon.

Oysters are one of the coolest(and tastiest) shellfish on the planet. They are sort of overlooked when it comes to tattoo themes, though, so we are going to change that today.

I have compiled a list of over 80 of the coolest oyster tattoo designs that include both shells and pearls. They have everything!

So as you look through them you can gain a better understanding of your tattooing style, the things you like and the things you don’t.

Oyster Shell Designs Pearl Ideas

But before we get into that, let’s go over some of the most asked questions regarding an oyster tattoo:

Will an Oyster Tattoo Hurt?

The answer to this is simple, yes. This is because it is a tattoo, after all. The tattooing process involves having an ink needle pierce your skin one hundred times a second…so yes…that is going to sting. The bright side to this news is it’s actually not that bad. The pain is very manageable(hence why people go back for more).

Getting a painful tattoo can be very cathartic to people. This is why some people even call them therapy! But if you are worried about the pain, I totally get it. It can be scary. But I know you can do it!

To limit your pain and your stress, consider asking your tattoo shop if they have any numbing spray or cream. Most do, and if yours doesn’t then, you can order it on amazon.

How much will an oyster tattoo cost?

The first thing for you to consider here is whether or not you are going to get a large tattoo or a small one. Because I cannot give you an exact estimate, your tattoo artist can.

The bigger the tattoo, the more detail, the more color…, and the more time it will take to get done. The more time it takes, the more expensive it will be. This is because a tattoo artist will typically charge by the hour. So if you are on a budget, then it looks like a smaller tattoo may be in your future, and that is okay!

Take a look below to get a good idea for the oyster tattoo of your dreams. Then contact your local shop and see how much it’ll be!  Let’s go.

Oyster Design with Pearl

If you are thinking about getting an oyster tattoo, then you must make sure to include a pearl. Take a look at this first list to get some ideas for your own tattoo. Consider if you want the pearl to be shiny, colored, or any other kind of way. You can really make this your own. So as you check these out, get a feeling for the style that you like!

1. Black and White Pearl

2. Simple Small Oyster

3. Epic Oyster in Black & White

4. Abstract Linework

5. Cute Oyster with Blue Pearl

6. Minimalistic Oyster

7. Oyster in Solid Black and White

8. Oyster in Dotwork

9. Simple Oyster Linework

10. Oyster with Pearl

11. Oyster Shell Tattoo

12. Alice in Wonderland Granny Clam

13. Detailed Black Oyster

14. Red and Black Oysters

15. Perfect Oyster Design

16. Blue and Black Oyster

Oyster Tattoo

Open Clam Design Ideas

Open clam designs are absolutely beautiful. Many women like to get an oyster tattoo like this as a symbol of the beauty and power of a woman. This is because an open clam has similar anatomy to a female’s pleasure parts. I think this is a beautiful way to take back our power in the form of a tattoo.

You see for yourself in a few of these examples.

17. Editable Oyster

18. Blackwork Tattoo

19. Colorful Clam with Pearl

20. Vibrant Blue Oyster

21. Oyster with Blueberry

22. Realistic Opened Oyster

23. Half of an Oyster

24. Oyster Heart

25. Simplistic Oyster

26. Shining Oyster

27. Eye of the Oyster

28. Simple Half Oyster Design

Closed Clam Design Ideas

If you are thinking of a closed clam for your tattoo, here is the list you have been waiting for. Closed Clam tattoos are perfect if you are looking to showcase the unique shells that they have. As you will see in the examples below, the clam/oyster shells are very ridged and shaped differently every time. They are like the snowflakes of the sea!

29. Perfect Oyster Clam

30. Realistic Closed Oyster

31. Crusty Ocean Oyster

32. Abstract Oyster Shell

33. Detailed Oyster with Linework

34. Oyster with Tongue

35. Realistic Closed Oyster on Arm

36. Dainty Abstract Oyster

37. Oyster Sleeve

38. Matching Set of Oysters

39. Oyster with Description

40. Dotwork Realistic Closed Oyster

41. Simple Oyster with Dark Shadows

Simple Clam Tattoo Ideas and Designs

Simple Oyster Tattoo Ideas

Whoever said that a tattoo needs to be all complex and detailed to be awesome? No one! These simple designs will prove to you that even with just a few lines, you can make art that impresses the masses. Remember that you don’t have to like a tattoo 100%; you can show your artist and have them make changes to it to better fit your idea.

42. Oyster Shell Linework

43. A Chefs Tattoo

44. Cute Black and White Oyster

45. Oyster and Lemon

46. Light Inked Oyster

47. Classic Simple Oyster

48. Abstract Oyster Under the Sea

49. Squiggly Oyster

50. Matching Simple Oyster

51. Clean and Crisp Oyster

52. Oyster Tattoo in Black & White

53. Baby Oyster

54. Single Lined Oyster

55. Minimalistic Oyster Tattoo

Colorful Shell Tattoo Designs

Color is, of course, just one of the awesome ways to spice up your tattoo. Many people like to have either black or colorful tattoos, so make sure this goes with your theme(if you have one in mind). Here we have a few different tattooing styles, from old school to new school. So take a look and see which ones make your heart happy.

56. Pink Oyster from Alice & Wonderland

57. Rainbow Oyster

58. Shiney Under Sea Oyster

59. Oyster with Rainbow

60. Oyster with a Pearl Necklace

61. Traditional Style Oyster

62. Realistic Oyster

63. Real Colors Oyster

64. Shiney White Pearl

65. Blue Little Oyster

66. Purple Ocean Oyster

67. New School Style

Black and White Seashell Tattoo

Black and White Oyster Tattoo

If color isn’t your style when it comes to your tattoos, then have to fear. This entire section is dedicated to black and white oyster tattoo ideas that I know you will love. There are plenty of different art styles and designs here, so you are bound to find something cool. Take a look and keep an open mind or an open oyster.

68. Ultra Detailed Oyster Ink

69. Oyster with Shelling Knife

70. Happy Little Alice in Wonderland Oyster

71. Pearl with Smiley Face

72. Oyster in the Ocean

73. Black and White Half Oyster

74. Abstract Dark Oyster

75. Abstract Elbow Tattoo

76. Oyster Holding the World

77. Hand Tattoo

78. Cute Oyster on the Ankle

79. Oyster Spiral Tattoo

80. Realistic Opened Oyster

81. Oyster Trio

82. Little Oyster

83. Shining Pearl

I hope that you found an oyster tattoo that made you fall head over heels for this theme because I did. There are so many awesome ways you can represent this delicious sea creature in a tattoo, and the ones I showed you here just scratch the surface.

Animal tattoos can be a great way to express yourself, and there are so many other great ones to choose from that it can be hard.

The good news is that you can have more than one. You can even have a whole body’s worth!

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