Inside: 53 hedgehog tattoo ideas that will make you smile. 

Hedgehogs are adorable little creatures with short legs, a pointy snout, and hundreds of sharp needles on their back. Had you and I lost you, didn’t I? Well don’t worry, they aren’t as sharp as they may seem. Hedgehogs are really cute!

Many people keep them as pets. They’re sweet-tempered and a little fearful when they are getting to know you.

But if you’re worried about the sharp quills you don’t have to be. Unlike porcupines, a hedgehog’s quills can’t shoot at you!

Hedgehog Tattoo Photo Ideas

Even if you’ve never seen an actual hedgehog, you’ve at least played one on a video game. Seeing as Sonic the Hedgehog was one of the most popular games when many of us were growing up. He’s even getting his own movies now! And though he doesn’t necessarily resemble a hedgehog, I have to count him as one.

If you’re interested in getting a hedgehog tattoo (sonic or regular) then read on. I’ve compiled a list of 53 of the cutest and coolest hedgehog tattoos that I could find for you to look through and get inspiration from.

To all of you out there who are here for Sonic and Sonic only, don’t worry. He’s got his own special section at the end.

But before you head down to him, first take a minute to read about the amazing animal that he was based after, albeit loosely.

Let’s discuss a few Hedgehog facts!

Hedgehog Facts

Hedgehogs are mammals that are native to Africa, New Zealand, Europe & Asia. Though they may appear very similar to porcupines they are not in the same family. There are many differences between them, such as the hedgehog’s quills do not easily come off of their body, unlike porcupines.

Hedgehogs can have up to 6000 quills on their body at one time. Their quills are made of Keratin, which is also found in human nails. When they are scared, hedgehogs tend to roll up into a little ball in order to let the spines fully encapsulate their body. Their body typically grows anywhere between 4 to 12 inches. They’re adorably small.

Hedgehogs got their name due to the fact that they inhabit hedges and snort like hogs…such funny little guys! It is said that they can eat up to 1/3rd of their body weight.

They give birth annually and can have 4-7 babies at one time.

Hedgehog with fur ink designs

Minimalist Hedgehog Tattoo

Do you like a more simple look? Check out the list below. I have compiled the cutest minimalistic tattoos from across the internet for you to take a look at.

These should help you get a good understanding of what exactly it is you may be looking for in your Hedgehog Tattoo!

1. Realistic Little Hedgehog

2. Simple Design with Stars

3. Realistic Hedgehog in Flowers

4. Hedgehog On Hand

5. Flower Covered Hedgehog

6. Realistic Hedgehog

7. Cute Little Hedgehog

8. Hedgehog with Little Frog

9. Hedgehog Face

10. Little Rainbow Hedgehog

Small Hedgehog Tattoo

11. Simple & Small Hedgehog

12. Little Hedgehog with Books

13. Cartoon Hedgehog

14. Tiny Realistic Hedgehogs

15. New School Hedgehog

16. Chef Hedgehog

17. ‘Will Bite’

18. Hedgehog Stuffed Animal

19. Hedgehog Drinking Tea

20. Tiny Brown & Tan Guy

21. Hedgehog with a Top Hat

22. Matching Hedgehog Tattoo

Hedgehog Tattoos

Hedgehog Tattoo Ideas

These are a broad mixture of different styles for you to look through. I always say that one cannot confidently make such a lifelong decision without seeing all of their options first!

While looking through these, be mindful of which ones make your heart happy. Those are the ones that are making it to the final rounds of selections.

After all, when it comes to tattoos your happiness comes first!

23. Simple Little Hedgehog

24. Hedgehog Sleeve

25. Hedgehog Tarot Card

26. Colored Hedgehog

27. Hedgehog with Blackberries

28. Quarter Sleeve

29. Hedgehog with a Strawberry

30. Birthday Ball

31. Hedgehog eating Strawberry

32. Cartoon Hedgehog

33. Watercolor Hedgehog

34. Mama & Babies in Color

35. Hedgehog on Mushrooms

36. Flower Covered Hedgehog

37. Hedgehog with Butterfly

38. Detailed Couple Hedgehogs

39. Hedgehog In A Circle

40. Baby Hog on a Leaf

Sonic the hedgehog tattoos

Sonic the Hedgehog Tattoo

Sonic the Hedgehog is probably the most famous hedgehog in the world. My apologies to Sir Edgar Allen Poke, my friend’s beloved hedgehog. But there is no denying how deeply loved Sonic is by the last generation and even this new one. We all grew up playing his games, getting the opportunity to run faster than our legs ever truly permitted.

He helped grow the imaginations of children all over the world.

So naturally, he is being commemorated with tattoos. If you’re someone with a love for Sonic then this next list is for you.

41. Sonic with Die Hard Quote

42. Sonic with Chaos

43. Watercolor Sonic

44. Pixilated Sonic & Tails

45. Sonic & his Hockey Stick

46. Sonic in Black & White

47. Realistic Sonic Tattoo

48. Classic Sonic

49. Sonic in Color

50. Melted Sonic pop cycle

51. Sonic with Rings

52. Sonic the Hedgehog Running

53. Sonic & Dr. Robotnik

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