Inside: Creative Marigold Flower Tattoos Full of Beauty. 

Did you know every month of the year not only boasts a birth stone, but also a birth flower? Marigolds belong to the month October, a perfect bloom to represent the fading leaves of fall. Ranging in shades of orange, maroon, and red, marigolds are a great fit for any garden. With its edible blooms and pest repellent roots, this hearty perennial makes a great addition to local flora and fauna.

In the language of flowers, marigolds represent love and passion, making it the perfect pick for any Valentine’s bouquet. Not only is it pretty, it’s also practical. Many cultures from around the world traditionally use marigolds to treat minor skin irritations and even heal internal inflammation. When it comes to digestive health, marigold tea is an excellent and soothing remedy. Using a diluted marigold ointment will help soothe sunburns or even assist in itchy bug bites.

Marigold flowers make for great tattoos! If you have an artist’s soul, tattooing a marigold will represent your creative, passionate spirit. With its fiery orange petals, many tattoo artists will love the challenge of inking such a vibrant, multi-faceted flower. Plus, there are several different species of marigolds to choose from! Orange not your color? No problem! Marigolds come in different shades like deep red, dark mahogany, sunshiny yellow, or even pale cream.


Check out this beautifully bold list of Marigold Flower Tattoos.

Marigold Flower Tattoos

Meaning of a Marigolds

The marigold flower has come to mean many different things all over the world. They are sacred in Mexico and India, often used to represent sacred deities. Different shades of marigolds can mean different things: the lighter colors have come to be synonymous with good fortune, creativity, and joy. Darker marigolds are often associated with more negative emotions like grief and jealousy.

In Victorian England, the marigold flower was almost exclusively used as a mourning flower whereas in countries where Hinduism is practiced, marigolds are the official flower of marriage and union.

Marigold Flower Tattoo Pictures

1. Marigold Flower Tattoo

2. Single Marigold Wrist Design

3. Marigold Birth Flower Tattoo

4. Single Marigold Stem

Marigold Flower Tattoos Ideas & Inspiration

5. Flower Tattoos with Carnations + Marigolds

6. Detailed Marigold Flower

7. Watercolored Marigold

8. Marigold with Bumblebee

9. Large Marigold Design

Orange Flowers Tattoos Ideas

Beautiful Marigold Flower Tattoos

10. Marigold Thigh Tattoo

11. Ankle Flower Tattoo 

12. Marigold Bundle

13. Vibrant Marigolds

14. Long Stemmed Marigold Tattoo Design

Marigold Flower Tattoos Photos

15. Large Single Marigold

16. Simple Flower Tattoo

17. Marigold Flower Design Idea

18. Matching Marigolds

19. Bumblebee Marigold Tattoo

Beautiful Marigold Flower Tattoos

Black and White Marigold Flower Tattoos

20. Black and White Marigold Tattoo

21. Single Black and White Stem

22. Detailed Stems Tattoo

Black and White Marigold Flower Tattoo Designs

23. Small Black and White Marigold Flowers

24. Black and White Flower Bundle

25. Unique Marigold Flower Design

Black and white Marigold Flower Tattoos

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