Inside: Flat Needle Tattoos Defined.

What is a Flat Needle?

The art of tattooing takes many different skills, disciplines, and tools.  When working on large designs or when specific regions need pronounced shading or color fills, a larger flat needle may be the tool of choice.

Flat needles deliver a broader pallet of ink than other types of smaller and intricate needles.  They deliver more ink in a single pass which provides for more distinct lines or intricate shading.

Flat Needle Tattoo definition

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How do you use a flat shader needle?

The flat shader needle technique is not completely different from a standard needle technique.  First, apply the ink and use the foot pedal to begin the needle movement.  The tool is designed for shading and larger areas.  Repeat the process of inking throughout the session to achieve the desired result.

What is a flat needle tattoo?

Can you line with a shader needle?

Shader needles can most definitely be used for lining as they deliver a large amount of ink in a single pass. The ability to drive a lot of ink at once makes the shader needle stand out as a great tool for both lining and shading.

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