Inside: Adorable Sloth Tattoo Ideas {+ Cool Meaning}.

This fascinating creature with its funny little face is found lounging in the tree-top canopies of the rain forests of Central and South America.

It is the slowest moving mammal on earth traveling around 40 yards per day.  Although known for sleeping hours on end and having an incredibly slow metabolism, the sloth spirit animal figure is certainly not lazy as a spirit guide.

OK, so we have all heard the negative connotations about the sloth being lazy.  Sloth is also a word in its own right with the dictionary definition of “reluctance to work or make an effort; laziness”.

But worry not dear sloths, everything has its place in the natural and spiritual world, and like all animals, the sloth has its own valuable collection of virtues to help guide us through life.

Rather than seeing the sloth as lazy, let’s look at this little wonder as a creature that needs to conserve energy and one that requires more relaxation than most.

Not all of us have the speed of the cheetah, the energy of the dragon, or the immense power of the bear, but it doesn’t make us lesser creatures.

So, if you are happy spending most of your time just relaxing, and thinking, are not particularly ambitious but have a kind, caring, diplomatic, rather shy, and non-confrontational character, you could well have the sloth as your spirit animal and tattoo inspiration.

Sloth Tattoo Designs

What Does A Sloth Tattoo Mean?

There are a few other hidden meanings behind sloths appearing in your dreams:

  • Maybe you are rushing into something too quickly and the sloth appears to remind you to cool it a bit, slow down and take things at a more measured pace.
  • Conversely, you may be lacking motivation in life, and seeing the sloth in your dreams can send you a subtle message that you need to get your butt into gear! As much as you love this cute, smiley forest-dweller, you don’t actually want to become one!
  • Dreaming of a sloth can sometimes mean you need to be more assertive in a situation. The sloth after all is a very chilled-out, laid-back creature, and although this can be a good thing, you know what they say – “too much of a good thing…..” – hey, I can’t remember the rest but you get the drift!
  • If you’re feeling stressed-out and overwhelmed the sloth can appear to send you a message to just stop! Try to relax a little more and find the positive things in your life and focus on them. Think of this smiley species as the bringer of simple pleasures, appreciation, and ultimate peace and harmony.

So whether you are a sloth, or whether you need a bit more of the wonderfully chilled sloth nature in your life, be sure to have an open mind and heart, and let your spirit guide enter and steer you through life’s pitfalls to a happier and more fulfilled existence.

Cute Sloth Tattoo Ideas

1. Detailed Small Sloth Tattoo Idea

2. Slow Down Sloth Outline

3. Mommy and Baby Sloth Design

4. Realistic Sloth Calf Tattoo Idea

5. Cute Cartoon Sloth

6. Colorful Watercolored Sloth Design

Cute Animal Ideas For Tattoos

Detailed Sloth Tattoo Designs

7. Sleepy Hanging Sloth Tattoo

8. Sloth with Large Leaves

9. Realistic Colorful Sloth Design

Simple Sloth Tattoo

10. Super-Detailed Sloth Art

11. Sloth and Rose Tattoo Idea

12. Black and White Sloth Portrait

Detailed Sloth Designs

Fun Sloth Designs

13. Hanging Sloth Dotwork

14. Furry Sloth Eating Leaves

15. Hanging in There Tattoo

16. Cute Baby Sloth Tattoo

Fun Sloth Tattoo

17. Dotwork Origami Sloth Tattoo Idea

18. Realistic Sloth Portrait Idea

19. Sloth Cartoon Outline

Black and White Animal Tattoos Sloths

20. – 59. We all know the sloth can be deadly, but your tattoo should be of his cutness that’s for sure!

60. – 82. Every sloth looks great in geometric form

83. We will call this one Slothtronaut

84. A cute squiggly sloth

85. On a flower he looks sweet

86. A cool way to incorporate a sloth into a black sleeve design

87. A sloth with watercolor effect

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