Inside: Kawaii Hello Kitty tattoo ideas that will make you happy.

Hello Kitty had such a big part in so many people’s childhoods. It was one of my absolute favorite TV shows as a kid, I will never forget how many different Hello Kitty-themed toys I had! It was insane.

Hello Kitty(aka Kitty White) is an adorable animated character that was written and created by Yuko Shimizu. She’s in the 3rd grade and lives just outside of London.

Shockingly enough, the first ever story was aired around 1974 and continued to grow into quite a massive empire.

They have clothing, games, toys, accessories, books, anime, and many other outlets for this cat to grace herself in our lives.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Ideas

She really has had such an impact on an entire generation. So as an adult, how could you possibly pay homage to this sweet character without dedicating your home decor or buying toys?

Welp…you guessed it…with a tattoo!

I created a list of nearly 50 of the best hello kitty tattoo ideas ranging from simple to unique. But let’s go over a few important details before we start.

Hello Kitty Tattoo Meaning

Getting a tattoo of Hello Kitty is basically like keeping a little piece of your childhood with you forever. With one tattoo, you are encompassing childhood innocence, friendship, learning, and memories all neatly packaged with a glorious pink bow.

The meanings of a Hello Kitty tattoo will vary from person to person, but those are the main themes that are hidden behind that sweet face.

What Does A Hello Kitty Tattoo Cost?

The cost of your Hello Kitty tattoo depends on what tattoo you end up going with. I am sure you can guess that the bigger your tattoo, the more you empty your pockets. But hey, it is worth it in the end to have a tattoo you love.

The only way to get an accurate estimate of your price is to book a consult with the shop you plan on getting this tattoo at. They will walk you through all of the questions as well as give you a quote for how much it is going to cost.

How Much Does It Hurt?

If this is your first tattoo, let me just say congratulations. Deciding to get your first tattoo is such an awesome moment. You should be so excited, but also kind of nervous. I get it, trust me. My first time getting a tattoo I went in alone. But trust me when I say that it is not as bad as your brain may hype it up to be.

Pain tolerance is different for every person, so I can’t tell you how much it is going to hurt. But any tattoo artist will tell you that the places that are bonier(hands, ankles, ribs) are the worst places you can get a tattoo.

Okay now that we have completely covered what you need to know when getting this tattoo, let’s get into the fun part!

Black & White Hello Kitty Tattoo

For the first few lists, I added thought I would describe some of the cuter tattoos(aka all of them). But the latter half will speak for themselves! Take a look.

1. Hello Kitty Ice Cream – This new school-styled tattoo looks awesome in black and white!

2. Hello Kitty Key Chain – I think this is such a creative way to incorporate hello kitty that’s a little more personalized.

3. Simple Kitty Outline  – If you are a fan of simple tattoos, then check out this idea! It has great line work.

4. Hello Kitty Twins – This is like the Yin and Yang symbol, but with hello kitties!

5. Hello Kitty Halloween – Calling all Halloween lovers…this is the Hello Kitty tattoo that will have you falling in love!

6. Cowboy Kitty – Yeehaw! I think that all of the different variations of this iconic character add such an awesome unique touch that can be personalized to the individual.

7. Angel and Devil Hello Kitty – You’ve seen the classic angel on one shoulder, and the devil on the other tattoos. Add some cuteness by making them both Hello Kitty!

8. Studio Ghibli Hello Kitty – For those who love animation, I have a feeling you are going to freak when you see this studio ghibli themed Kitty.

9. Mushroom Hello Kitty – Some cottage core never hurts when creating a hello kitty tattoo, it can be a way to combine what you like now with what you liked as a kid.

10. Simple and Sweet Kitty – Simple designs are the perfect tattoos for people who like clean lines. Check out this example.

Easy Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

11. Simple Matching Hello Kitty – I love the simplicity of these matching tattoos.

12. Sweet and Sour Kitties – Opposites attract, and they look great together.

13. LGBTQ+ Pride – There are so many awesome ways to show your pride, and using hello kitty to hold the flag is just one of them!

14. Simple Hello Kitty Head – A simple Hello Kitty Head is a classic way to achieve this themed tattoo.

15. Cloud Kitty  – Want to add some extra cuteness to your tat? Consider this adorable cloud hello kitty.

16. Hello Kitty with a Puppy – Hello Kitty with a puppy…I am 99% sure this level of cuteness is borderline illegal.

17. Simple Back Tattoo – This is a great placement for such a simple and cute tattoo!

18. Outline of Hello Kitty – Who says the level of detail is what makes a good tattoo? No one! Sometimes, the simpler the better. It all depends of the person who is getting tattooed and their preferences.

19. Cute Cow Kitty – Hello Kitty in a cow suit…you have to see this.

20. Hello Kitty Bandaid – This one brings back some childhood memories. It’s too cute!

Cute Hello Kitty Simple Tattoos

Small Tattoos

I will let this next list speak for itself. Many people like to get smaller tattoos for many reasons: They’re cheaper to get, easier to touch up down the line, and they give you more space for more tattoos.

You can’t go wrong! They are also the perfect starting point for someone getting their own first tattoo because they are less daunting. So check out some of these cute tattoos that come in a smaller size!

21. Adorable Pink and Blue Hello Kitty

22. 3 Different Hello Kitty

23. Hello Kitty with Boba Tea

24. Hello Kitty with Croissant

25. Arm Tattoos

26. Simple Little Hello Kitty Head

27. Kiss Kitty

28. Tiny Angel Kitty

29. Piano Key Board

30. Cute Little Heart and Music note

31. Simple Ankle Tattoo

32. Thick-Lined Hello Kitty

33. Simple Kitty Waving

34. Hello Kitty Bandaid

Character tattoos for girls

Cute Cartoon Tattoos For Girls

35. New School Hello Kitty Designs

36. Punk Rock Kitty

37. Teddy Bear Kitty

38. New School Traveling Kitty

39. Kitty with Angel Wings

40. Delicate Hand Tattoo

41. Hello Kitty Hand Tattoo

42. Kitty Cupcake

43. Cowboy Hello Kitty

44. Cute Tiger Kitty

45. Simple and Tiny Hello Kitty

46. Hello Kitty Game

47. Hello Kitty Drink

Hello Kitty Tattoo

I hope you loved taking this walk down memory lane with the world’s favorite white cat. There were so many cute ones to pick from, but I think one of my favorite styles to see Hello Kitty in was new school. It just fits her style!

A hello kitty tattoo can be for everyone, they aren’t just for girls. If you are passionate about her then you are more than welcome to add one of these to your collection. Be prepared to feel nostalgic!