Inside: Celebratory Champagne Tattoo Designs + Ideas

Champagne tattoos represent celebrations, whether they be the anniversary of your love or the birth of your child, or anything else that’s worth celebrating. The beauty of Champagne tattoos is that it doesn’t matter how elaborate or expensive the actual tattoo itself is; what matters most are the intentions behind the design you choose.

Whether you want to simply pay tribute to your favorite beverage or you want to incorporate some personal symbolism, there are many ideas that can inspire and delight you. Here are some Champagne tattoo designs as well as celebratory ideas that you might like to incorporate into your tattoo design.

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The Symbolism of a Champagne Tattoo

Symbolizing the finer things in life, such as luxury, money, and wealth, a champagne tattoo is fancy! These tattoo designs are also thought to bring good luck and represent great things in your life!

Champagne Tattoo Designs

Let’s kick off this list of celebratory list of designs with a few of our favorite champagne tattoo ideas. From popping bottles and clinking glasses these tattoo designs are packed full of fun worth celebrating.

1. Toasting Champagne Glasses Design

2. Popped Bottle of Champagne Idea

3. Black and White Clinking Champagne Glasses

4. Small Champagne Bottle Bursting

Champagne Tattoo Designs

5. One Line Drawing of Champagne Bottle

6. Glass of Champagne with Dessert Design

7. Dotwork Detail of a Cork Tattoo

8. Outlined Champagne Glass with Bubbly Dotwork

Clinking Champagne Tattoos

Let’s toast to these cool champagne tattoo ideas and all their unique designs. These ideas come in small, large, simple, and realistic designs that are perfect for anyone looking to add new body art to their collection.

9. Black and White Glass of Champagne with Flower

10. Mini Pink Bottle of Champagne with Snacks

11. Popping Bottle of Champagne Tattoo Design

12. Two Small Clinking Glasses Tattoo

13. Matching Bottle of Champagne Bottle Tattoos

Clinking Champagne Glass Tattoo

14. Realistic Tattoo Design of Pouring Champagne into a Glass

15. Toasting Glasses Tattoo on Ribs

16. Old School Styled Champagne Bottle

17. Simple Outlined Champagne Bottle Design

18. Little Mini Bottle of Veuve Clicquot

Celebratory Tattoo Ideas

19. Exploding Bottle of Champagne Idea

20. Hand Holding a Glass of Champagne Design

Champagne Bottle Tattoo New Years

21. Champagne Glass Tattoo

22. Popped Bottle of Champagne Idea

23. Champagne Bottle Tattoo

24. – 45. Pomegranate & Champagne tattoos combine for the best celebratory cheers.

46. Toasting Glasses Tattoo

47. Champagne Bottle Bursting

More Festive Tattoo Designs That You’ll Love

If you liked celebrating these festive champagne tattoo ideas then check out a few more of our favorite designs and ideas.

  • Smiley Face Tattoo Ideas – If you have been on the fence and are becoming interested in committing to getting inked but don’t want anything big, these small tattoos for women might be the answer. They are all dainty and can be put pretty much anywhere you want. It’s easy to hide these small tattoos when needed and show them off when you want as well. Check out these cute small tattoo design ideas.
  • Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo Ideas + DesignsLooking for a little luck? These horseshoe tattoo ideas are not only a little bit of luck attached to your body, but they are beautiful and elegantly designed. From flowery frames, small and charming, to unique and bold, these ideas are one of a kind. Find out what a horseshoe tattoo symbolizes and its powerful meaning by clicking here.
  • Graduation Tattoos – Graduations are some of the most significant and most influential events in our lives. You have worked hard to be able to graduate, so getting a graduation tattoo to remember is perfect! Graduation tattoos can represent so many different things like overcoming obstacles, hard work, perseverance, and freedom. Check out these cool and symbolic graduation tattoo designs to celebrate your achievements!

Our Favorite Tattoo Care Products

When it comes to taking care of your new body art, here are a few of our favorite products to keep on hand.

  • Aquaphor – One of our favorite aftercare products has to be Aquaphor. This is a great moisturizer to use to keep your tattoo looking fresh and healing properly. It is so important to make sure you are caring for your new body ink properly. Maintaining hydration in your skin helps your tattoo heal quickly and correctly. You want to try to avoid any scabbing or peeling if at all possible when it comes to the healing process.
  • Aftercare Protective Film – Keep your new tattoo protected with this adhesive aftercare film. The best way to ensure your tattoo stays safe and protected from water and moisture is by using these protective aftercare films. This product is perfect for keeping your new ink fresh and dry during the summer months that you may run into some water.
  • Aftercare Kit – If you’re looking for an entire aftercare kit, this is one of our favorites. There is everything that you need for tattoo care is in this kit from soaps to lotions and balms. If you use this kit regularly then you are guaranteed to get the outcome that you were looking for.
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