Inside: April Birth Flower Tattoo {Daisy + Sweet Pea}.

And what flowers does April bring? Daisy’s and Sweet Peas!

These two symbols of happiness embody both innocence and purity – but they each mean something just a little bit different.

For the daisy, it represents pure happiness; for the sweet pea, it means thank you for the wonderful time we had together. In any case, these birth month flower tattoos are perfect for anyone born in this much-beloved month of April.

April Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

What Does a Daisy Flower Represent?

Daisy tattoos carry plenty of symbolic value. While they can mean many things, the most common reason people get them is that they embody what they want their lives to reflect:

  • Beauty
  • Happiness & Cheerfulness
  • Delight
  • Triumph
  • Sunlight

If you’re looking for a tattoo that reflects your thoughts or aspirations, daisy tattoos may be just right for you! With so much symbolism packed into these delicate flowers, there are a few reasons not to choose one. Pair it with another design like quotes, scripture (especially Isaiah 40:6), other flowers and animals, or even someone’s name – and you’ll always have something meaningful waiting for you when it matters most!

What Does a Sweet Pea Flower Represent?

This little bloom has been said to symbolize so many things, from blissful pleasure to departures and goodbyes. A creative way to say farewell or thank you, these blooms are anything but dull when it comes to meaning!
There are even some more serious meanings behind this pretty little petal, such as gratitude and loyalty–keys necessary for successful relationships.

Before we jump into this month’s inspiration check out our full year round-up of monthly birthday flower tattoos.

April Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

1. Pink Daisy Tattoo Design

2. Sweet Pea Flower Outline

3. Simple Daisy Stem Tattoo

4. April Birth Flower Ankle Tattoo Idea

April Birth Flower

5. Small Daisy Ankle Tattoo

6. Sweet Pea Tattoo Outline Idea

7. Simple Sketched April Daisy Flower

8. April Birth Flower with Butterfly Design

Birth Flower Tattoos

Daisy April Birth Flower Designs

You can add a custom design to the tattoos depending on your preferences. With soft petals and humble appearance, it is almost impossible to ignore its fascinating design.

9. White Daisy Ankle Tattoo Idea 

10. Daisy Flower Bloom Outline Design

11. White Daisy April Flower Idea

12. April Birth Flowers in Bloom

13. Outlined Daisy Flower Tattoo

Daisy Tattoos

14. Small Trio of Daisies Design

15. Black and White April Birth Flower Tattoo Idea

16. White Daisy Tattoo Design

17. Colorful April Daisy Birth Flower

Daisy Flower Designs

Sweet Pea April Birth Flower Tattoos

18. Simple Sweet Pea Tattoo Outline

19. Small and Thin Line Birth Flower Tattoo

20. Colorful Sweet Pea Tattoo

21. Large Sketched April Flower Idea

Sweet Pea Flowers

22. Shaded Sweet Pea Tattoo Art

23. Outlined Sweet Pea Bundle Tattoo

24. Small April Birth Flower Design

25. Watercolor Sweet Pea Flower Tattoo

Sweet Pea Birth Flower

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April Birth Flower Tattoo Designs