Inside: Starting a New Journey Graduation Tattoos.

Graduation day is often one of the most exciting and memorable moments in a person’s life. It signifies that you have completed an important step in your life, and it’s also an opportunity to celebrate your accomplishment with friends and family as well as show your achievements off to the world. It’s a day that many people look forward to long before they even start college or finish high school, but they also want to do something special to remember this achievement after the moment has passed. Take a look at these fantastic New Journey Graduation Tattoo Designs for inspiration!

Graduation Tattoos

Ideas for Graduation Tattoos

  • Sorority/Fraternity: Choose something that represents your sorority or fraternity.
  • Alma Mater: You can never go wrong with picking a tattoo that revolves around your Alma Mater.
  • School Motto: Assuming your school motto means something to you, consider getting a tattoo to represent it.
  • School Team: Go for the colors or even the mascot of your school.
  • Graduation Cap: A timeless idea, a graduation cap represents your hard work and dedication.
  • Your Major: Picking a tattoo that really embraces your journey with your major tattoo is brilliant!

Class of 2021 Temporary Tattoos

These graduation cap tattoos fare perfect for graduation parties and celebrations.

Personalized Graduation Photo Tattoo

Gold and Black Graduation Tattoo Set

Colorful Graduation Cap Tats

Cap + Dipoma Idea

Temporary Graduation Tattoos

Graduation Tattoo Designs

1. College State Outline

2. Best Friend Matching Portrait

3. Microscope and Bird Tattoo

New Beginning Tattoo ideas for grads

4. Eager to Learn Little Lady

5. Positive Quote Tattoo

6. Semi Colon for the Next Chapter

7. Growing Through Life

Graduation Tattoo Designs

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Daisy Tattoo Ideas – Honestly, daisies are one of my all-time favorite flowers, they are just so bright, fun, and full of life. Daisy is a form of flower purely for the female kind and is one of the most versatile tattoos you can wear on your body. The tattoo is highly decorative and comes in different colors and sizes. You can even add a custom design to the tattoos depending on your preferences. With soft petals and humble appearance, it is almost impossible to ignore its fascinating design. So, if you are looking for some stylish and fashionable daisy tattoo ideas then the below recommendation might help you in decision making.
  • Fancy Flamingo Tattoo Designs – Exotic and brilliantly pink, flamingo tattoos are thought to be inked more by women. However, these birds are symbolic of conservation and remote pieces of land, and that men identify with as well. Plus, pink on men has been a growing trend for years. Whether you choose these birds for their originality, style, or color, we have a great list to assist you with your decision.
  • Feminine Fairy Tattoo Ideas that Bring Joy –  If you never want to grow up and don’t take life too seriously, then one of these tattoos featuring fairies might be what you need. There are styles that range from cute and cartoonish to bold and impactful. They all have one thing in common…they are super creative! Take a look at these feminine fairy tattoos and choose your favorite design.
  • Mermaid Tattoo Ideas – Mermaid tattoos have been around for a long time and can be made in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer vintage style tattoos or you want something bright and trendy, these lovely mermaid tattoos will do the job. These mermaid tattoo designs grasp the beautiful and sexy curves of a mermaid perfectly and show their power through ink! You’ll have to take a look for yourself to appreciate these works of art.

Graduation Tattoo Ideas