Inside: Go with the Flow Pisces Tattoo Ideas. 

If you’re thinking about getting the Pisces sign tattooed somewhere on your body, here are 37 open Pisces tattoo ideas to give you some inspiration. The first thing to consider when choosing an open Pisces tattoo design is what you want the design to say about your personality and life experiences. With so many open Pisces tattoo ideas out there, there’s bound to be one that speaks to you.

Pisces Tattoo Ideas Zodiac Images and Photos

Pisces Tattoo Meaning

Pisces tattoos can represent a wide range of things, from the astrological sign to the water element. They are often seen as mystical and spiritual and can be used to represent a person that is both intuitive and in touch with their emotions. Pisces tattoos can also be seen as a representation of rebirth, as the fish is often associated with new beginnings. No matter what you choose to represent with your Pisces tattoo, it is sure to be a beautiful and unique design.

Pisces Constellation Tattoo Ideas

1. Pretty Pisces Constellation Tattoo 

2. Small Pisces Constellation

3. Simple Side Constellation Design

4. Small Pisces Tattoo

Pisces Constellation Tattoo ideas

5. Pisces Shoulder Constellation

6. Dainty Pisces Constellation

Constellation Designs tattoos

Pisces Sign Tattoo Designs

7. Small Glyph Tattoo

8. Behind the Ear Glyph Idea

9. Floral Glyph Tattoo Design

10. Simple Flower Glyph

11. Side Wrist Glyph Placement

12. Thin Pisces Glyph

Pisces Signs Tattoo Images

Zodiac Fish Tattoos for Pisces

13. Detailed Fish Tattoo Design

14. Small Simple Zodiac Fish Tattoo

15. Black and White Fish Design

16. Middle of Back Design

Pisces Tattoo Zodiac Fish Tattoos

17. Bold Fish + Constellation Tattoo

18. Large Goldfish Back Tattoo Design

19. Blue Outline Fish Pisces Tattoo

Fish Tattoos

Unique Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

20. Constellation + Fish Combo Design

21. Pisces Tattoo Idea

Pisces Tattoo Ideas Words and images

22. Floral Glyph Tattoo Design

23. Pisces Mermaid Tattoo

24. Unique Pisces Zodiac Tattoo Design

25. Colorful Fish Pisces Tattoo

Pisces Tattoo Unique Zodiac Ideas

More Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

  • Capricorn Tattoos – Zodiac tattoos are remarkably widespread among the people who actually believe in astrology. Some people have a profound religious conviction about the Zodiac signs and oftentimes make them a truly significant part of their life. They say that Capricorns are diligent and responsible. So when it comes to inking, Capricorns might be the most trustworthy people at researching what tattoos will best fit their style and personality. Many Capricorn designs involve the gothic recreation of the goat with the long tail of a mermaid. Some even go for the Capricorn star on their wrists or arms. These Capricorn Tattoo ideas are unique, bold, and one of a kind.
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  • Taurus Tattoo Ideas – Taurus is the second sign in the astrological zodiac and is represented by the symbol of a bull. When illustrated, the Taurus symbol is a round circle topped by a squiggly U shape to form the appearance of a bullhead with horns, which make great Taurus Tattoo ideas. Being housed under the sign of the bull, Tauruses are characteristically stubborn, determined, strong, and believes in standing up for what is right.