Inside: January Birth Flower Tattoo Designs {The Carnation}.

January is the first month and represents many different things to many different people — resolutions, fresh starts, and self-reflection. Birth flower tattoos represent the same thing to their owners and can be incorporated into a larger design along with other symbols and meanings important to you or your loved one. Find some of our favorite January birth flower tattoo designs below!

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January Birth Flower Tattoo Designs

January Birth Flower

Carnations and snowdrops are the two birth flowers most commonly associated with January.

What Does a Carnation Tattoo Mean?

A carnation may not be a typical choice of a flower when thinking about what to get inked. However, it’s one that actually has a lot of personality and can be very beautiful and charismatic. A carnation is considered to be a symbol of love, lust, admiration, and desire by many cultures around the world. There are many who also use carnations as a symbol of a mother’s love for her child.

Carnation Color Meaning

  • Red – either in light red or dark red, they both mean love, affection and admiration.
  • Pink – Thankfulness and gratitude.
  • White – Pure heart, good luck, and innocence.
  • Purple – Calmness, compassion, and creativity

January Birth Flower Tattoo

Check out a few of our favorite birth month January tattoo designs.

1. Small January Birth Flower

2. Pink Carnation Tattoo Idea

3. Designed Duo Stem

4. Detailed Carnation Flowers

January Birth Month Tattoo

5. Simple Stem Flower Tattoo

6. Bold Flower Stems

7. Yellow Flower

Simple Carnation Tattoo Designs

Carnation Birth Flower Tattoo

Carnations being the flower for the birth month of January, we had to add a few of our favorite carnation designs.

8. Carnation Growth

9. Carnation Tattoo with Name

10. Pink + Blue Carnations

11. Large Flower Design

12. Modern Carnation Tattoo

Flower Tattoos for January birthdays

13. Tiny Flower

14. Large Flower Idea

15. Cute Colorful Carnation Bundle

16. Single Stemmed January Birth Flower Design

Carnation Birth Flower Tattoo

January Birth Month Flower Tattoos

We couldn’t forget some of our absolute favorite flower tattoo ideas…

17. Single Needle Carnation Rib Tattoo

18. Detailed Carnation Tattoo Design

19. Birth Flower for January with Name

Large Carnation Tattoos

20. Carnation with Name Tattoo

21. Red January Birth Flower Carnation

22. Pink Carnation with Daffodil Tattoo

23. Pink January Birth Flower Idea

January Birthday Flowers Tattoo Ideas

24. Detailed Forearm Flower Design

25. Beautiful Carnation Flower Tattoo with Script Font Name

Pink carnation Tattoos

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these January birth flower tattoo ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite flower designs.

  • Marigold Flower Tattoo –Most of us have lost someone we have loved, either by them passing away or the relationship ending. That sadness and feeling of loss can last a lifetime. The marigold tattoo represents despaired love along with light, power, overcoming obstacles, and strength. These beautiful flowers aren’t big, but they carry a large meaning! I think you’ll enjoy these marigold tattoo design ideas we have compiled, so be sure to take a look.
  • Flower Wrist Tattoo Ideas – It’s no surprise that flower tattoos can be insanely beautiful, unique, and meaningful. Depending on the size and shape of the tattoo design, they can pretty much go anywhere on your body and look fantastic. While many flower tattoos are elegant and feminine, there are some pretty popular ones that are more masculine. A large black rose tattoo is hard to beat because they look so cool. But big, brightly colored blossoms are also incredible too. No matter what your style is, I’m sure you’ll find a flower tattoo that is calling your name.
  • Magnolia Flower Tattoos – Whether in art like a tattoo or in nature, the magnolia flower is breathtakingly beautiful. It represents nature, endurance, beauty, and perseverance. Incredibly feminine, you’ll find both large and smaller magnolia designs. They also look fantastic in black and colored with pink. Take a look at some of these wonderful magnolia tattoo design ideas. Just a warning, though…after you look at them, you will want to get an appointment scheduled with your favorite tattoo artist!

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  • Temporary Tattoos Watercolor Butterflies Set – Temporary watercolor tattoos are a really fun way to gain the experience of wearing a tattoo without the long-term commitment. The butterfly set of watercolor tattoos is a fan favorite. Have a look at our list of temporary watercolor butterflies set tattoos.
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January Birth Flower Tattoos