Inside: Adorable Zinnia tattoo flower ideas that will make you sing.

Zinnias are one of my absolute favorite kinds of flowers. They have a defining look to them that I just can’t get over! So naturally, I wanted to show you how pretty these flowers can be in tattoo form.

Floral tattoos are super popular because they are timeless and effortlessly beautiful, and zinnia tattoos are no exception to this rule.

Zinnia Tattoo Sleeve in Black and white

I have compiled a list of the best zinnia flower tattoo ideas from all around the internet for you to look through. These should help you to figure out what kind of style suits you best and which ones you don’t like. But before we get into that, let’s discuss the intricacies of this flower and the important information you should know before you book your tattoo appointment.

Zinnia Flower Symbolisms

Flowers tend to have multiple meanings, and the Zinnia is no exception to this rule. In general, this flower is associated with companionship, missing a friend, endurance, and long-standing affection.

These are great flowers to give a family member or friend who is moving away. Or as a statement to a lover on how deeply your affections lie. It is really up to you how you interpret this. Keep in mind that old saying, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Zinnia Flower Tattoo Cost

One major question that you may be asking yourself right now is, “how much is this going to cost?”. Well, the fun part about tattoos is how many different options you have. You can decide if you want something big or small, black or colorful. These little details all add together in the end to give you your price.

Tattoo costs will vary depending on the shop that you are at. The only way to get an accurate estimate of your tattoo is to bring your tattoo idea to the artist who will be doing your work. They will be able to give you a ballpark estimation.

A Zinnia tattoo can cost anywhere from $50-$1000 or more, depending on the tattoo and the artist doing your work. So just communicate, and you can figure out what is in your price range!

Zinnia Tattoo Pain Scale

I would love to tell you that Zinnias are the least painful tattoo that you could possibly get, but I would be lying. The truth is that tattoos, regardless of the subject, are going to hurt.

That is okay and arguably one of the reasons people like to get them. It’s tolerable pain that shows you how tough you can be and that you are alive.

A good rule of thumb to remember is that the places on your body where the bones are closer to the skin are going to hurt the most. Some of the most painful areas are the sternum, the rubs, and your spine. If you want to avoid this kind of pain then go for the meatier areas like your thighs and forearms. You got this!

Without further ado, let’s get into these pretty tattoo ideas for sleeves, shoulders and the like.

Colorful Zinnia Tattoo Ideas with Examples

Yellow Zinnia Flower Tattoos

Yellow Zinnias are my personal favorite, so I wanted to start out with a list that was strictly full of them. Yellow is the color of joy, happiness, and optimism, so if you want a tattoo that symbolizes those themes, then these are the type of Zinnia for you. Take a look through these to see which kind of style you like. Remember, you can always change up anything that you don’t like!

1.  Tri-Colored Tattoo

2. Sweet Flower Shoulder Piece

3. Yellow Zinnia Flower

4. Yellow Flower Tattoo

5. Pink and Yellow Zinnia

6. Big Flower Arm

7. Sweet Simple Zinnia

8. Zinnia with Quote

9. Forearm Tattoo

10. Flower Accents

11. Flower Arm Tattoos

Small Zinnia Tattoo Ideas

Big tattoos aren’t everyone’s cups of tea. You could be adding to a sleeve and only need a small spot filled, or you could simply prefer smaller pieces. Regardless of the why, these are the tattoos that you should be looking at if this sounds like you. There are many different placements and styles, so you will find something to love.

12. Realistic Simple Tattoo

13. Black and White Flower

14. Ankle Tattoo

15. Little Wrist Zinnia

16. Black and White Simple Dot Work

17. Small Realistic Tattoo

18. 2 Flowers

19. Black and White Hip Tattoo

20. Little Zinnia Drink

21. Black Flower Tattoo

Zinnia Tattoo

Minimalistic Zinnia Flowers

Now, keep in mind that when it comes to vintage flower tattoos, zinnias may not be your best bet. They are full and vibrant flowers, so even the simplest of outlines still looks like a lot. A lot of beauty that is. So check out this section and see if this is the right flower for you and your minimalistic tattoo journey. There are so many adorable ones!

22. Forearm Tattoo

23. Traditional Colorful Tattoo

24. Pink Flower

25. 3 Flower Shoulder Piece

26. Simple Zinnia Flower Ink

27. Simple Arm Piece

28. Dark Dagger Piece

29. Colorful Minimalistic Flower

30. Flower Outline Minimalistic

31. Throat Tattoo

32. Yellow Zinnia Flower

33. Minimalistic Flower Tattoo

Lovely Zinnia Tattoo Ideas

This list is essentially a group of tattoos that I saw and just HAD to include. They range from simple to extremely detailed, so I know that something below will catch your eye. Remember to consider what kind of tattoo you like while looking through these. Are you planning on getting more than one? If so then get a solid idea of the techniques that you like!

34. Zinnia Outline

35. Colorful Chest Piece

36. Zinnia Hand Tattoo

37. Red Traditional Flower

38. Red Flower Tattoo

39. Pink Flower

40.  Blue Flower Tattoo

41. 3 Different Zinnia Flowers

42. Beautiful Zinnia Art

43. Cute Colorful Zinnia

Black and White flower Tattoos

Black and White Zinnia Tattoo

I couldn’t get away with making this article and NOT adding a realistic section. I just wouldn’t be doing this flower justice. It has such amazing shadows and details that it would be a shame. So I pulled together some of the most hyper-realistic Zinnia tattoos that the internet had to offer. You are going to be shocked by some of these. What are you waiting for? Take a look!

44. Zinnia Sleeve

45. Black and White Flower

46. Flower Tattoo with Butterfly

47. Black and White Floral Tattoo

48. Fore Arm Tattoo with Big Bee

49. Black and White Flower Tattoo

50. Detailed Flower Tattoo

51. Realistic Zinnia on the Shoulder

52. Detailed Wrist Zinnia

53. Abstract Tattoo Flower

So, did you find something on this list that you fell in love with? Oh, who am I kidding, of course, you did. Zinnia flowers are not only beautiful, but they have such an awesome message behind them.

Tattoos are something that you are going to have for the rest of your life. So why not make them inspirational? You can start with a Zinnia flower.

If floral tattoos are your thing, then you have so many other ideas that you can add to your tattoo list. Because let’s be real, after your first tattoo, you are going to be addicted. And that’s okay; there are way worse things out there to be addicted to. Let yourself have this!

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