Inside: How Many Lana Del Rey Tattoos Do You Know Of?

You may already be familiar with Lana Del Rey’s tattoos if you are a devoted fan of her music.

She has a variety of tattoos on her hands. While she may have others, her hands are what we notice the most.

Each one of the six tattoos that we can see she has are all special and meaningful to her. Many of the tattoo designs have a little bit of a dark meaning behind them.

Check out these tattoos of Lana Del Rey and get some ideas for your own ink.

Lana Del Rey Tattoo Ideas

Does Lana Del Rey Have Tattoos?

She’s got at least six tattoos that are publicly known. All of which appear to be placed prominently in the spotlight for all to see. In addition to her hands and fingers, she also has a tattoo on her collarbone. Get to know the hidden meanings behind each of her distinctive creations.

  1. Writing on the side of her hand
  2. Writing on the side of her hand
  3. Initial on the back of her hand
  4. Small writing on her collarbone
  5. Writing on her collarbone
  6. Writing on her finger

DoesLana Del Rey Have Tattoos

Lana Del Rey Hand Tattoo

Getting inked on the hand is a big deal, and this musician has a slew of impressive designs to show off. Check out some of her most popular hand tattoos.

Lana Del Rey Paradise Tattoo: She had tattooed the word “Paradise” into the side of her left hand.

Death and paradise go hand in hand, according to Lana. As a result, death resembles a beautiful oasis to her.

Trust No One:  “Trust no one,” says the tattoo on Lana Del Rey’s right hand.

“M” Initial:  “M” is written in script on Lana’s left hand. In honor and remembrance of her grandma, Madeleine.

Die Young:  Lana Del has written the words “die young” in a beautiful cursive script on the inside of her right index finger.

Lana Del Rey Hand Tattoos

Collarbone Tattoos

Nina Billie:  Lana’s left collarbone contains a pretty tattoo of the words Nina Billie. The tattoo is done in soft lines and beautiful cursive script. This is a homage to Nina Simone and Billie Holiday, two of her favorite musicians.

Whitney Amy: On her Right Collar Bone, Lana Del has Whitney Amy tattoed in cursive script handwriting. This tattoo is a tribute to Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse, two of her heroes when it comes to music.

Lana Del Rey Inspired Tattoos

Look no farther than these suggestions if you want to get your next tattoo done in the same manner & style as Lana Del Rey.

1. Be Here Now in Thin Script:  The style isn’t quite as deep and dark as some of the singer’s other tattoos, but it works well with her overall aesthetic.

2. Small Word on Hand:  There’s no denying that Lana enjoys getting ink on her hands. This fits her style!

3. Portrait of Lana Del Rey: Of course, we couldn’t leave out a portrait of Lana herself!

4. Lana Del Rey Gun Tattoo Idea

5. Trust No One Finger Tattoo

6. Self Love Collarbone Tattoo

Tattoo Ideas

Tattoo Ideas We Think Lana Del Rey Would Love

We are confident you will enjoy these tattoo ideas inspired by Lana Del Ray. If you are looking for additional ideas, we have put together a few designs that we believe she would give her stamp of approval to. Have a look at a few of our favorites, and let us know how you think she might appreciate them in the comments below.

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Lana Del Rey Tattoos