Inside: 31 Creative Infinity Tattoo Ideas.

One of the important symbols in Mathematics is the Infinity. It resembles a lying ‘8’, where one cannot figure out the end or the beginning. Infinity means endlessness. Just like the vastness of the universe and the countless number of stars in the galaxies, infinity is a symbol of no limits.

This symbol is now trending with the youth, who have added a creative touch by associating it with abundant love and affection for someone.

Getting infinity symbols inked on bodies is considered to be the best form of tattoo art, as it can be customized to declare a number of feeling like “love”, “friendship” and “relationship”.

Check out more about infinity tattoo ideas and their meanings.

Infinity Tattoo Ideas

The Meaning of Infinity Tattoos

The infinity symbol has a rich and important meaning. It is considered as one of the top choices of tattoo artists when they want to make something creative. Often infinity tattoo designs come with quotes that are inspirational or sweet.  However, the significance of the infinity sign tattoo is that it conveys meanings that are closer to rebirth or reincarnation and holds a special place in Eastern culture. Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism also hold high and similar values for the infinity tattoo designs. Literally, the design means a ‘never-ending loop’ and this could mean a never-ending cycle of birth and death. Forever and limitless are the associated meanings of this and is one of the best positive vibe spreading designs that you can try.

Creative Infinity Tattoo Ideas

1. Rose Infinity Tattoo

2. Infinite Arrow: This cute infinity sign has been made into a little arrow!

creative tattoo ideas

3. Infinity Sisters

4. Tiny Cross: I love how they incorporated this cute cross!

sister tattoos

5. Infinite Airplane Tattoo

6. Basic Infinity Tattoo: There is a simplicity of this basic infinity tattoo.I love the simple and cleanness of this design.

7. Foral Infinity

8. Family: Afterall family really is forever!

arm pieces

9. Little Heart Infinity

10. Infinite Hope: I love how they incorporated hope into this infinity tattoo idea!

11. Infinity Heart

Infinity tattoo ideas

Our Favorite Infinity Tattoo Ideas

12. Tiny Infinity: If you’re looking for something small and simple then this little tiny infinity tattoo is perfect for you.

13. Back of Neck Floral Infinity 

Our favorite infinity tattoo ideas

14. Infinity Birds: The added element of these beautiful birds is so fun!

15. Matching Infinity Tattoos

16. Infinity Arrow

Infinity tattoos

17. Colorful Infinity Tattoo: Add a little color to your infinity tattoo with this fun watercolor design.

18. Infinity Roses

19. Floral Infinity: I love the added feminity to this tattoo idea!

20. Tiny Finger Tattoo

colorful tattoo ideas

Infinite Love, Friendship, and Beauty

21. Big Sister, Little Sister: Share a pretty piece of art wit your forever sister with these cute matching infinity tattoos.

22. Pretty Floral Infinity

23. Infinite Faith

Tattoos for girls

24. Ohana Infinity Tattoo: Ohana means family and family is forever!

25. You Will Be With Me Wherever I Go

Shoulder Ideas

26. To the Moon and Back: I love you to the moon and back, forever!

27. Butterfly: Adding a beautiful element like a butterfly makes these infinity tattoos so much more special.

28. Roman Numeral: You can use roman numerals as a special way to remember an important date that means so much to you!

29. Colorful Rainbow Infinity Tattoos

Cute Tattoo Ideas

30. To infinity and beyond: A little play on a Disney favorite.

31. Named Infinity Tattoos: Add the name of a special someone!

Infinity Symbol

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