Inside: 29 Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas for a Travelers Heart

Travelers all over the world are constantly collecting passport stamps, soul-stirring stories and often, stunning wanderlust tattoos. Each one tells a story, a tale of adventure, inspiration, and often, personal achievement. They’re badges of honor, proudly emblazoned on the bodies of those whose hearts are stirred by travel.

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

What is Wanderlust

noun: wanderlust
  1. a strong desire to travel.
    “a man consumed by wanderlust”

Why a Wanderlust Tattoo?

Travel to far-off places beckons to many of us, and a tattoo that declares your wanderlust shows others how passionate you are about exploring your world, meeting new people, and learning about new places and things. Wanderlust tattoos can be as different as the person receiving them, and they look great on just about any part of the body.

Some people prefer the simplicity of having the word “wanderlust” tattooed on their body in delicate, cursive script. The font is usually a whimsical choice that is reflective of the flights of fancy that can inspire travel. Others like a more concrete example of their love for travel, such as a globe or a map of a specific area of the world where they like to travel. A compass, RV, plane, or passport stamps can be woven into the design.

You can design a beautiful wanderlust tattoo that can remind you of all the trips you’ve taken and inspire you to plan all the trips you’ve yet to take. Every time you look at the tattoo, you can be transported to someplace exotic. In the meantime, check out these beautiful wanderlust tattoo ideas to get you inspired.

Words of Wanderlust – Fun Tattoo Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite wanderlust wording tattoo ideas. We love these cool fonts and placement ideas. Plus the word “wanderlust” is so pretty spelled out.

1. Wanderlust & Suitcase Fun

2. Wanderlust Definition 

3. Scripted Globe

4. Matching Wanderlust Maps

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

5. Forearm Script

6. Outline Skyline

7. Adventure

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

8. Not all those who wander are lost

9. Just Go

10. Wanderlust Script

11. Explore

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas Full of Adventure

If you love adventure, traveling, and exploring the world, here are a few great ideas. From travel stamps, globes, and planes these will totally have you itching for a new adventure.

12. Let’s Go Camping

13. Travel Stamps

14. North, South, East, or West

Wanderlust Tattoo Ideas

15. Major Travel Landmark Outlines

16.Wanderlust in the Mountains

17. Adventures & Hot Air Balloons

18. Small Airplane Tattoo

Travel Tattoos

19. Travel Around the World

20. Sleeping in the Mountains

21. Travel to the Mountains

Travel Designs

Not All Who Wander are Lost

Here are a couple more of our favorite wanderlust inspired tattoo ideas.

22. Wanderlust Typewriter

23. Enjoy the Journey

24. Back of the Neck Script

25. Wanderlust Away

Tattoo Ideas

26. Wonder Wander

27. From the Oceans to the Mountains

28. Minimal Mountain

29. Wanderlust Script

Wondering Images

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these wanderlust tattoo ideas, then here are a few more great tattoo designs you might love!

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Let us know in the comments your favorite adventure!