Inside: 73 Astronaut Tattoo Ideas That Are Out of This World.

Some of the wonders of the cosmos include glimmering stars, the enchanting Milky Way, and an entire universe that will take your breath away. Is it even possible to imagine seeing all of that in person? What a fantasy! Those dreams come true for astronauts, and it’s a good one.

Body art inspired by the bravery and boldness of astronauts is what you will really find.

Astronaut tattoos are a popular choice for people who are fascinated by space, rather than just constellations, solar systems, and galaxies. Don’t miss these incredible 73 astronaut tattoo ideas!

Spaceman Tattoo

Astronaut Tattoo Meaning

People who get astronaut tattoos often view them as a symbol of freedom, childhood dreams, and love for the universe.

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas

1. Large Detailed Astronaut Design

2. Geometric “Don’t Panic” Floating Astronaut

3. Unique Astronaut Body Art

4. Line Work Astronaut Tattoo

5. Shaded Tattoo Art

6. Basic Outlined Astronaut

7. Sketched Effect Astronaut Design

Astronaut Tattoo Ideas

8. Reaching Astronaut in Space

9. Meditating Astronaut

10. Astronaut Design with Flowers

11. Floating Spaceman Tattoo

12. Detailed Dotwork Design

13. Astronaut Body Art

14. Astronaut Floating in Space with Stars

15. Constellations and Spaceman

Astronaut Helmet Tattoo Designs

16. Helmet with Moon Reflection

17. Explore Space Helmet Design

18. Dotwork Helmet Design Idea

19. Galaxies in Reflection of Helmet Tattoo

20. Space Helmet with Lightning Bolt

21. Outerspace Refection in Space Helmet

Astronaut Helmet Tattoo Designs

22. Astronaut Helmet Temporary Tattoo 

23. Black 3D Helmet Design

24. Moon Reflection in Helmet

25. Girl in Space Helmet

26. Dot Work with Scene in Reflection

27. Flower Filled Space Helmet Design

28. Space Helmet Portrait

29. Plants Growing Out of Helmet Tattoo

30. Galaxy Space Helmet Tattoo Idea

Nasa Tattoo Art

31. Nasa Logo Tattoo

32. Rocket Tattoo Idea

33. Solar System Tattoos

34. Space Shuttle Temporary Tattoo

35. Astronaut in Space Art

Nasa Body Art

36. Rocket in Space Tattoo Art

37. Nasa Shirt on Astronaut Girl

38. Nasa Inspired Tattoo Design

39. Pulsar Map Tattoo

40. Realistic Space Shuttle Tattoo Idea

41. Detailed Astronaut in Space Design

42. Space Lover Tattoo

43. Sketched Planet Tattoo Design

44. Orbiting Astronaut Art

45. Space Inspired Ear Tattoo

Space Tattoos for Men

For men, vast tattoos are ideal. They have a lot of vibrant colors, intricate details, and a bunch of detail. Large sleeves and chest pieces are ideal for these ideas.

46. Black and White Full Space Sleeve

47. Dark Milky Way Design

48. Outer Space Chest Piece

Space Tattoos for Men

49. Full Space Sleeve Tattoo

50. Constellations and Puppy Astronaut

51. Colorful Planet Sleeve Idea

52. Galaxy Half Sleeve Tattoo

Small Astronaut Tattoo Ideas

53. Matching Astronauts Tattoo

54. Thin Line Woman Astronaut

55. Tethered Astronaut Design

56. Small Astronaut Design with Planets

Small Astronaut Tattoo Ideas

57. Astronaut Holding Flowers Ankle Tattoo

58. Thin Line Tattoo of Astronaut

59. Astronaut in the Stars

60. Tiny Little Astronaut Design

61. Little Astronaut Temporary Tattoo

62. Astronaut Among the Planets

Simple Astronaut Tattoo Designs

63. Spaceman Throwing a Paper Plane

64.  Astronaut Standing on Planet

65. Outline of Astronaut

66. Astronaut Portrait

67. Funny Quotes with Spaceman Tattoo

Simple Astronaut Tattoo

68. Floating in the Stars

69. Astronaut Holding the Moon

70. Spaceman Holding onto the Moon

71. Astronaut Fishing for Stars

72. Flying Away Tattoo Idea

73. Astronaut Lego Man

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

If you like these fun tattoo ideas, then check out a few more of our favorite body art inspirations for your next ink session.

  • Shooting Star Tattoo –  Remember the last time you wished upon a shooting star? Chances are, the answer to that is yes. Shooting stars are the symbol of hope and romance, which is ever needed in the world we live in today. Some may also feel that shooting stars fill them with childlike wonder. Regardless of your experience with them, I’d bet that the idea of a shooting star makes you happy. I get it! These beautiful shooting star tattoos will leave you hopeful!
  • Elbow Tattoos – Hunting for a cool and unique elbow tattoo design? These tattoo ideas are awesome and are sure to turn some heads. The elbow can be a more painful location. It’s a good idea to pick a tattoo design that you think is sick, so it makes the extra pain worth it! All of these elbow tattoos are really amazing works of art. Be sure to check them out!
  • Vibrant Violet Flower Tattoo Ideas –  Violets have been around and used in ceremonies and culture for centuries. The leaves are heart-shaped and therefore get associated with beauty and love in certain circumstances. However, these flowers mean whatever you want when you get the tattoo. I’m partial to them because they are my sorority Sigma Kappa tattoo ideas of choice. The key is to make sure you get a tattoo artist that you feel comfortable with.

Astronaut Tattoo

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