Inside: Pretty Hydrangea Flower Tattoo Ideas + Meaning

Who doesn’t love flowers? Whether we receive them or give them, it’s a joy to smell their aroma and observe their colors. Flowers are the ultimate symbol of beauty. And many people choose to decorate their bodies with flowers as well.

There are thousands of flowers to choose from, and today we are going to talk about one of them and that is the hydrangea. Let’s find out the true hydrangea tattoo meaning, and take a look at the most creative tattoo designs of this beautiful flower.

Hydrangea Flower Tattoo Ideas

Hydrangea Tattoo Meaning

A hydrangea tattoo can symbolize both positive and negative things. Depending on your situation, you should choose the meaning accordingly to your feelings. Maybe you feel remorse for someone you have said something bad but never had a chance to say sorry. A hydrangea tattoo would be a great way to express your apology.

Hydrangea Color Meanings

As with any other flower, the meaning varies according to the color. Most of the Hydrangea species are white, but there’s also blue, pink, red, dark purple, or light purple. The appearance of these colors depends on the soil pH. Each color sends a different message. Let’s take a closer look at what these colors symbolize.

  • Pink hydrangea meaning is love.
  • Blue hydrangea refers to frigidity.
  • White hydrangea is a symbol of purity and grace.
  • Purple hydrangea represents wealth and prosperity.
  • Red hydrangea as you could have guessed symbolizes romance, love, or marriage.

The Hydrangea Legend

We found one interesting story about this flower that might be interesting to you. And it explains some of the traditional meanings of hydrangea tattoos.

A French king Louis XIV was a flower lover and he wanted new species for decorating his gardens. So he sent a group of men over the seas to search for new plants. When the sailors arrived in South America, an indigenous tribe captured and imprisoned them. Among the group was a very thin man who was mocked by other sailors throughout the whole journey for his weak and fragile appearance.

But that weak man managed to find a way to escape from the native people’s captivity. When the crew went back to the ship, they realized that the man was actually a strong and brave woman. She disguised herself as a man so she could travel to other worlds.

When the King heard what happened, he decided to call the flowers with the name of the brave woman – Hortense. Hortense was a former name of Hydrangea.

Hydrangea Tattoo Black and White Designs

Although hydrangeas are bright and beautiful colors, these black and white

1. Minimalist Hydrangea Tattoo

2. Perfectly Rounded Hydrangea Flower

3.  Thigh Flower Tattoo Idea

4. Soft Shaded Hydrangea Tattoo Design

Black and White Hydrangea Tattoo

5. Hydrangea Shoulder Piece Tattoo

6. Large Black and White Flower Tattoo Design

7. Hydrangea Knee Tattoo

Minimalist Hydrangea Tattoo Ideas

Blue Hydrangea Flower Tattoo Ideas

8. Blue Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

9. Small Hydrangea Tattoo Design

10. Hydrangea Finger Tattoo Idea

11. Detailed Little Flower Design

12. Long Stemmed Flower Back Tattoo

13. Blue Hydrangea Inspired Sleeve Tattoo

Blue Hydrangea Flower Tattoo

Pretty Hydrangea Flower Designs

14. Colorful Hydrangea Duo Design

15. Vibrant Purple Hydrangea Flower Idea

16. Realistic Flower Tattoo Design

17. Hydrangea Tattoo Small

18. Small Purple Hortensia Flower Tattoo

19. Blue and Pink Hydrangea Design

Pretty Hydrangea Tattoo Meaning

Unique + Colorful Hydrangea Tattoos

20. Large Hydrangea Hip Tattoo

21. Hydrangea Motif on Shoulder

22. Quote on Stem of Hydrangea Tattoo

23. Detailed Multicolored Flower Design

24. Bright Pink Hydrangea Tattoo

25. Blue and Pink Flower Idea

Hortensia Tattoo Ideas

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Hydrangea Flower Tattoo Ideas