Inside: Family tattoo ideas that show your favorite people how much you care.

My mom has FINALLY agreed to get a tattoo with me and my siblings, and I could not be more excited. To be honest, I started to fear that it would never happen… but it is! This is not a drill!

So naturally, I broke out the big guns (aka my laptop). I began the worldwide manhunt for our perfect tattoo, and I found SO MANY to choose from, I am not sure how we are going to do it.  But hey, that’s a problem I am happy to have.

Photo of tattoo that says 'mother'

I figured it would be a waste to have these ideas stay in their respective corners of the internet, so I went ahead and created a list of the loveliest family tattoo ideas I’ve seen. I mean it; these are amazing. But before we get into the designs, let’s chat about the pain level here.

Will It Hurt?

When I was getting my first tattoo, I was TERRIFIED of how it would feel. I was worried I would scream, cry or, heaven forbid…pass out. But for me, it wasn’t that bad!

I think it’s essential to keep in mind that while there is some pain associated with getting a tattoo, many people find the experience manageable and worth the end result. I will describe the pain as someone drawing on you with a hot needle.

Also, keep in mind that the body releases endorphins during the process, which can help in reducing discomfort and create a feeling of euphoria. It knows what to do! There are many different things that go into how painful a tat is, including:

  • Individual pain tolerance – Everyone’s pain threshold is different, so what may be painful for one person might be more tolerable for another.
  • Tattoo placement – Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others. Bony areas or places with thin skin and nerve endings, like the ribs, ankles, and wrists, can be more painful.
  • Tattoo size and complexity – Larger and more intricate tattoos may require longer sessions, which can lead to increased discomfort.
  • Tattoo artist’s technique – An experienced and skilled tattoo artist can often minimize pain and discomfort by using the right techniques.
  • Personal mindset – Feeling nervous or anxious about getting a tattoo can increase the perception of pain.

If you’re considering getting a family tattoo or any tattoo, it’s crucial to choose a reputable and experienced tattoo artist who follows proper hygiene and safety protocols. My biggest fear in life is getting an infected tattoo, no thank you. A good tattoo artist can guide you through the process and provide tips for managing discomfort during and after the tattoo session.

3 different tattoos of family photos.

Combined Family Tattoo Ideas

The concepts below go beyond the classic family stick figure tattoos and give inspiration for lots of different family combinations from step parents, to grand parents to anything that family means to you. The people who care for us best should be honored whether their blood related or not.

1. Mother Tattoo Idea

2. Cute Graduate Photo

3. Outline of Sweet Photo

4. Family Sitting On Bench

5. Penguin Family Idea

6. Mom and Dad with Babies

7. Mom with Two Cubs

8. Cute Stick Figure Family

9. Momma Gorilla with Baby

10. Family Silhouette Idea

Simple Sibling/Parent Designs

If you are looking for simple tattoo designs, then I think this is going to be the perfect section for you. You definitely don’t need to get something complex for it to be great.

In fact, you might save yourself some time by going simple since more than one person is going to be getting a tattoo! I am leaning towards butterfly tattoos for me and my fam.

11. Cute Family Sketch Idea

12. Mom and Dad Tattoo

13. Silly Family Photo

14. Father and Son

15. Family Tree Idea

16. Cute Baby Tattoo

17. Love Tattoo with 4 Different Heart

18. Mom and Baby Idea

19. Family Diamond

20. Classic Family Photo

3 different photos representing family

Loveliest Family Tattoo Ideas

I think what makes this idea so amazing is that you are getting a physical representation of the people that you care for most in this life. It’s an inked expression of love. I am not crying, you are!

21. Matching Family Design

22. 5 Person Family

23. Lioness and Her Cubs

24. Matching Heart Tattoo

25. Sweet Family Kiss

26. 3 Siblings

27. Children’s Name

28. Bart and Lisa Sibling Tattoo

29. 3 Butterfly Tattoo

30. Bird Tattoo Idea

family tattoo ideas

31. This color + sketched sleeve is so fun

How Much Will It Cost?

I have some good news for you, Family tattoos don’t cost any more than other tattoos! But I can’t give you an actual amount because tattoo cost is a highly changeable thing. Some of the key factors that influence the cost of a tattoo include:

  • Tattoo Size – The size of the tattoo is one of the most significant factors determining the cost. Larger tattoos generally require more time, effort, and ink, and thus tend to be more expensive than smaller ones.
  • Tattoo Design Complexity – Elaborate and intricate designs often require the artist to spend more time and effort to create the details, leading to a higher cost.
  • Tattoo Artist Experience and Reputation – Highly skilled and well-known tattoo artists typically charge more for their services.
  • Tattoo Location – The placement of the tattoo on the body can also impact the cost. Tattoos on sensitive or challenging areas may take longer to complete, affecting the overall price.
  • Geographic Location – Tattoo prices can vary based on the region or city. In more expensive areas, you may find higher tattoo costs.
  • Tattoo Shop Policies – Some tattoo shops have a minimum charge regardless of the size or complexity of the tattoo.
  • Color vs. Black and Grey – Color tattoos may cost more than black and grey tattoos due to the extra time and skill required for color shading.

Honestly, the only way to get an accurate idea of the cost for your specific family tattoo, it’s best to consult with tattoo artists directly; they will have all the info you need, my friend! Many tattoo artists offer free consultations where they can discuss your design ideas, provide an estimate, and answer any questions you may have.

Keep in mind that while cost is a factor to consider, it’s essential to prioritize quality and safety when choosing a tattoo artist. This goes back to my infected tattoo fear, and I am going to pass it along to you.

Going for the cheapest option may not always result in the best outcome, as the skill and experience of the artist are crucial in achieving the desired look and ensuring the tattoo heals properly. I am going to sound like a boring old grandma when I say this, but it’s true: tattoos are permanent.

Make sure you are getting a tattoo that you are going to enjoy 10,20,30 years into the future!

We have our consultation booked, so my mom can’t back out now. Remember that even though these tattoos are amazing, it’s important that you make them your own, if only a little bit. You don’t want to just copy-paste!

Whether that be by adding your favorite colors or your family name, make this tattoo personal to you! This is going to be an awesome experience to do this with the people who I love the most while home foe the holidays.

If you want some more tattoos that you can get with your family, I think these tulip tattoo designs are just beautiful. You can never go wrong with flowers!

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