Inside: Snowboard tattoos that are perfect for the people who love snow sports

Snowboarding and skiing were a huge part of my childhood while I was growing up. It’s part of the reason that I look forward to winter so much. There is truly nothing like hitting some soft slopes while a steaming cup of cocoa waits for you in the cabin when you inevitably come in, soaked from wiping out. Just me? Shoot.

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur like me or a professional, if you are reading this, then it sounds like you may be interested in getting a snowboard tattoo. Take this as your sign to DO IT!

3 different snowboard themed tattoo design

I am not trying to bully you or anything, but you really only get one life, and if you desire a cool tattoo that is dedicated to a sport you love, then why in the world would you not get it? Keep reading because I am going to get you fully prepared to call and make your appointment with your local tattoo artist.

Why should I get a snowboard tattoo?

Okay, so let’s talk about the fabulous idea of getting a snowboard tattoo. Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Why on earth would I permanently ink a snowboard on my body?” Well, settle in, my friends, because I am about to take away all of your concerns! Okay, well maybe not all of them…but the ones surrounding this!

First off, let’s face it, snowboarding isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, and a snow-covered escape from the mundane. And what better way to proudly declare your love for the slopes than with a rad snowboard tattoo? It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve, except it’s on your skin, and it’s a snowboard. Cool points? Skyrocketing.

Plus, imagine this: you’re at the beach, showing off that epic sun-kissed tattoo of a snowboard. People are puzzled and intrigued. “Why a snowboard?” they ask. Oh, the doors you’ve just opened! You’ve got the perfect conversation starter to launch into tales of gnarly mountain adventures, breathtaking powder runs, and the sheer joy of carving through fresh snow.

3 Snowboarding sport designs

Suddenly, you’re the coolest (pun absolutely intended) person on the beach. What would make this even cooler? Check out these half sleeve ideas for women!

And think about all the shoveling time you’ll save in the winter. While others are scraping ice off their windshields, you’re flashing your snowboard tattoo, summoning good vibes for a snow day. You become a mystical snow whisperer, invoking the fluffy white stuff by the power of your tattoo. Who needs a snow dance when you’ve got ink magic?

Okay, if I seem a little overeager, it’s because I am sick and tired of people feeling weird about getting a tattoo without a meaning(I felt this way before I got my jellyfish tattoo). You desire for a tattoo is more than a good enough reason to get it.

3 snowboarding design ideas

Location matters, too. Just as you’d expect different prices for lift tickets around the world, tattoo prices can vary based on where you’re getting inked. Big cities might have a higher cost of living, driving up tattoo prices, while smaller towns could offer more budget-friendly rates.

Remember, this isn’t just a financial investment – it’s a personal one, like investing in your own snowboarding gear. You’re paying for the expertise, creativity, and permanent art that will be a part of you. And just like a powder day on the mountain, the experience and the memories are absolutely priceless.

To get a more accurate idea, it’s always a good idea to reach out to local tattoo studios and chat with the artists. They can give you a personalized quote based on your design and the specifics of what you’re looking for.

Will it hurt?

parent and child snowboarder design

Sweet Baby Snowboarder By eagletattooer

So, the big question on your mind: “Will getting a snowboard tattoo hurt?” Let’s break it down together.

Now, imagine this: you’re on top of a mountain, the crisp air hitting your face, and you’re about to conquer a challenging slope. You feel a mix of excitement and nerves, right? Well, getting a tattoo is a bit like that, a thrilling adventure with a touch of discomfort.

Here’s the scoop: tattoos involve needles, and needles mean some level of sensation. But fear not! Just like the exhilaration you feel as you zoom down the mountain, the discomfort is temporary and can actually be kinda invigorating. It’s like a rite of passage into the world of inked-up snowboard lovers.

The pain has been compared to things like a continuous cat scratch, a mild sunburn, or even getting a little too close to the cold snow with bare skin. The good news? Tattoo artists are total pros who know how to minimize discomfort. They’ll often use numbing creams, and the adrenaline rush you’ll get from the experience can help take the edge off.

Shadowed snowboarder ink design

Shadowed Snowboarder By hollow_earth_tattoo

Snowboard Tattoo Ideas

There are myriad of ways to get a snowboard tattoo. The one you decide on will be in the style, size, and color format that you are looking for. But how will you know all of those things? By looking through these examples!

1. Snowboard Sleeve Idea

2. Snowboard Woman

3. Simple Boards and Goggles

Snowboarding Mountain Design

Epic Mountainscape Forearm Tattoo By kem_kvty_tattoo

4. Realistic Mountain Idea

5. Cute Little Boarder

6. Snowboard Near Cabin

Snowboarder in Front of Mountain Cabin shoulder tattoo Design

Snowboarder with Cabin Design By elpiink

7. Epic Dark Tattoo

8. Snow Goggles

How Much Will It Cost?

Now, let’s chat about the all-important question: how much is this awesome snowboard tattoo design going to cost me?

Well, first things first, the cost of a tattoo can vary quite a bit based on a bunch of factors. Think of it like pricing out a snowboarding trip, it’s not just about the lift ticket; there are accommodations, gear, and even après-ski hot cocoa to consider.

Tattoo pricing depends on the size and complexity of the design. A small and simple snowboard outline might be on the more budget-friendly side, like a half-day lift ticket. But if you’re dreaming big with intricate details, shading, maybe even a scenic mountain backdrop, it’s like going all out with a week-long resort stay, complete with a private instructor.

The skill and reputation of the tattoo artist also play a role. Just like picking the perfect slope, you’ll want to research and find an artist whose style matches your vision. Established artists with killer portfolios might charge a bit more, like a high-end mountain resort, while up-and-coming artists could be a more affordable option, like hitting the local slopes.

Epic Snowboard Tattoos

I think it’s kind of hard for a snowboard tattoo to NOT be epic, but still…I wanted to showcase some of my top contenders for my future snowboard tattoo. Which one will you go for?

Snowboarder Goggles Tattoos

Cool Snow Goggles By north_tattoo_piercing

9. Snowboarding Bear

10. Snowboarder Shoes

11. Snowboarding Baby

12. Moose on Snowboard

Snowboarder Girl black and white Ink On Ankle

Simple Ankle Tattoo By ink.derek

13. Epic Splatter Art

14. Gold and Black Snake Tat

15. Snow Fun Idea

16. Bright Watercolor Tattoo

Snowboarding bear tattoo

Snowboarding Bear By mert.coo

At the end of the day, tattoos really don’t need to have some huge deeper meaning in order to be worth getting. All you really need to do is trust that it is something you want, and that is enough.

I hope that these ideas inspired you to create your own snowboard tattoo. If you are an artist, you can draw your own, or if you are like me, you can work with your tattoo artist to create something you seriously love.

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