Magnum needles are one of the most popular kind of tattoo needles among experienced artists. Most tattoo artists use these needles because it allows them to inject ink into the layer of skin known as the dermis, without puncturing the epidermis. Magnum needles come in various sizes, making them ideal for several different types of tattoos, they also tend to be more cost effective.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about this type of needle, and its place in the art of tattooing.

Magnum Tattoo Needles Definition

The Magnum Needle and Tattoo Lining

These needles are generally considered an excellent tool for tattoo lining. The magnum needle has an angular design that makes it perfect for following thin lines, and a larger gauge, making the tattoo lining experience less painful for the customer.

For more complex tattoos, the larger size of the magnum needle allows it to reach certain parts of the body better than other types of needles.

What Else is The Magnum Needle Used For?

The Magnum needle isn’t just used for tattooing, it serves a number of purposes in other practices as well. For example, plastic surgeons use Magnum needles to perform lip filling procedures. Their larger size makes them ideal for injecting sensitive areas of a person’s lips. During the lip filling process, plastic surgeons use Magnum needles to inject hyaluronate, collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid.

Whether you’re using them for lip fillers, tattoos, or something else, Magnum needles are the ideal option for anyone that suffers from sensitive skin, as they tend to cause less irritation.

Variations of Magnum Tattoo Needles

What is A Round Magnum Needle?

Magnum needles are used in medical procedures as well. The most popular type of Magnum needles used in the medical industry are round magnum needles. Medical professionals use magnum needles to draw blood from patients, or intravenous procedures and transfusions. Traditionally, the round magnum needle used in the medical industry is a 22 or 23 gauge needle, however there are certain exceptions. Colloquially, these round magnum needles are referred to as ‘Jumbo’, or ‘Thick’ needles, because of their larger size. If you’ve ever had to receive a cannula, they tend to use magnum needles. The size of a magnum needle allows it to transfer blood and other substances back and forth through the cannula easier and more efficiently than other needles.

Despite its size, the magnum needle also tends to be less painful when drawing blood, compared to smaller needles used for the same purpose. Today, most needles used to draw blood range from 24-26 gauge. In the past, smaller needles were more common.

How They’re Are Used In Tattooing

Tattoo artists use magnum needles for various different kinds of designs, from simple black pieces to larger tattoos featuring more complex shades, colors and angles. When using a magnum needle, it’s important to keep in mind that the size of the tattoo will affect its appearance. A smaller tattoo may be able to feature deeper shades and details, whereas a larger tattoo may not be as vivid, though they can always be recolored later. Most experienced tattoo artists prefer using a magnum tattoo when inking simple but bold designs.

Before an artist begins tattooing someone, it’s important that they remember to disinfect their skin carefully, and wait for it to dry before they begin applying the ink. When using a magnum needle, an artist must make sure that they are using the correct needle guard, so that the needle doesn’t break in the middle of the tattooing procedure.

How To Shade With One?

Applying complex shades to any tattoo is easy with a magnum needle, the artist simply needs to gradually rotate the needle as it’s inking across someone’s skin. It’s important to apply a consistent amount of pressure during the process, so that the shading turns out just perfect. The depth of a tattoo’s shading depends mainly on the colors being applied, but a magnum needle can still create dynamic shading effects that can’t normally be achieved by other tattoo needles.

These needles are the ideal tattoo needle to use while shading a tattoo, especially in larger designs. For pure black tattoos, magnum needles allow the various shades of black to really stand out among one another. Expert tattoo artists recommend using the magnum needle to trace thick outlines before shading them in carefully.

Now that you know so much more about the magnum tattoo needle, what do you think? Are you an experienced tattoo artist yourself? What do you think about the magnum needle? Do you use them often in your work? If you’re a tattoo enthusiast looking to get their next tattoo, will you talk to your

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