Inside: 29 Amazing Joker Tattoo Ideas.

The Joker is one of the most iconic villains of the comic book world, and he has been represented in some exceptionally jarring and provocative works. So it makes complete sense that getting a joker tattoo isn’t a new craze. Many people praise the joker like a hero and a cult of fans has come to fruition over the years.

The amazing performance of the late Heath Ledger instantly pops into mind for many people who claim he played the definitive Joker, but Mark Hamill’s interpretation from the animated DC universe might be the most well-known example.

Joker Tattoo Ideas

The sinister character is praised by many and made immortal through the art of the tattoo. With his green hair and pale face, the feature of this character also makes for a spectacular tattoo art piece. Which is why we thought it would be perfect to create a list of our favorite Joker Tattoo Ideas, plus we threw in a few amazing Harley Quinn tattoo ideas for a little more fun.

Realistic Joker Tattoo Ideas

1. Joker Arm Tattoo

2. Joker in Full Color

3. Smoking Joker

4. Jokers Thoughts

Joker Tattoo Ideas

5. Colorful Detail Joker

6. Vibrant Colors

7. Dark Detail

8. Split Joker

Our Queen – Harley Quinn

You can’t showcase The Joker with Harley Quinn! Here are a few of our favorite Joker Tattoo Ideas featuring Harley Quinn herself.

9. Animated Harley Quinn Tattoo

10. Bubblegum Bat

Joker Tattoo Ideas

11. Pink and Blue

12. Harley Quinn Thigh Tattoo

13. Daddy’s Little Monster

Harley Quinn Tattoos

14.. Old School Harley

15. Smoking Gun Harley

16. Bang

17. Crazy in Love

Harley Quinn Tattoo Ideas

Animated Joker Tattoo Ideas

18. Animated Joker Series

19. Old School Joker

20. Animated Profile

21. The Joker in full color

Joker Tattoo Ideas

22. HaHaHa Joker

23. Joker Photo

24. All Jokers

Joker Tattoo Ideas

A Few Famous Joker Quote Tattoos

25. HaHaHa Batman and Joker

26. HaHaHaHa

27. Why So Serious?

28. Some May Never Live but the Crazy Never Die

29. HaHa Why So Serious?

Quote Tattoo

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