Inside: August Birth Flower Tattoos {Poppies + Gladiolus}

If you’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo of your zodiac sign, you may want to consider birth flower tattoos while you’re at it. Like a birthstone, there are different flowers that each represent a month in the year.

For our August babies, you are lucky enough to have two different flowers that represent your birth. These August birth flower tattoo designs are perfectly dainty and beautiful, with such amazing meanings.

Check out a few of our favorite design ideas for your next tattoo session.

August Birth Flower Tattoos

What are the Birth Flowers for the Month of August?

The August birth flowers are the gladiolus and the poppy.

August Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoos

The gladiolus, or ‘sword lily,’ represents remembrance, calm, integrity, and infatuation. Gladiolus indicates that the heart is being “pierced with love.”

1. Pink Gladiolus Tattoo Design

2. Black Outlined August Birth Flower

3. Bright Collar Bone Gladiolus Idea

4. Full Back Flower Design

Gladiolus Tattoo Ideas

5. Small Pink August Birth Flower

6. Little Red August Flower Birthday Design

7. Single Needle August Birth Flower

8. Soft and Simple Tattoo Idea

August Birth Flower Gladiolus Tattoos

Other August Birthdate Tattoo Ideas

Leo: The Lion Zodiac Tattoos

July 23 – August 22

Leo is governed by the great ball of fire that is the core of our cosmos, the Sun. Typically, the Sun embodies the ego and the potent life force found in humans. In Ancient Greek and Roman times, it was believed that Apollo was the Sun god who drove his chariot of flaming horses throughout the Earth during the day time, setting the heavens ablaze with bright light. It’s no wonder that Leo has such intense and ardent fervency!

This fixed sign is known for its enthusiasm and resolution, but beyond everything, Leos are glorified for their exceptional intrepidity. In tarot, Leo is exemplified by the “strength” card, which portrays the supreme eloquence of physical, mental, and emotional grit. As daring optimists who decline to allow failure to creep into their lives, Leos will discover their deep wells of defiance grow as they mature.

Virgo: The Virgin Zodiac Tattoos

August 23 – September 22

Tattoos are among the ways to express yourself and if you were born under the sign Virgo, the tattoo ideas for this sign are unlimited. There are so many different designs for Virgo, including the wheat grain, Virgin Mary, and a maiden woman. If you’re into simple yet artistic Virgo tattoo ideas, then we’ve made the research easier for you.

According to the Greek methodology, the symbol represents innocence and purity. Also, people with a Virgo star sign are highly analytical and observant in their matters. They are near to the epitome of Perfection.

August Birth Flower Poppy Tattoos

Poppy is considered an August birth flower tattoo it starts blossoming in August. The poppy flower tattoo meaning is fruitfulness, fertility, oblivion, idleness, sleep, death, night, and nature. For those who trust in God, poppy tattoo design symbolizes the blood of Christ, his suffering, and self-sacrifice. Just like the rose tattoo, poppy means passion, romance, and love.

9. Classic Red Poppy Flower Design

10. Black Outlined Poppy Idea

11. Painted Poppy Tattoo

12. Single August Birth Poppy Flower

13. Light Colored Poppy Tattoo

Poppy Tattoo Designs

14. Unique August Poppy Flower Design

15. Single Needle Poppy Tattoo

16. Watercolored Poppy Design

August Birth Flower Poppy Tattoos

17. Poppy with Name Tattoo

18. Poppy Bouquet Idea

19. Large Poppy Head 

20. Small August Birth Flower Idea

Poppy Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

More Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

  • Meaningful Chrysanthemum Tattoo IdeasIf you love flowers, then think about getting a Chrysanthemum tattoo design. They have a lot of history, and this flower is one of the most cultivated ones in the world. Being so popular in fact that they reign high as the most purchased flowers for gardening. They are considered to be the Queen of the Fall Flowers. Gardeners have been breeding these flowers for centuries creating flowers of many different colors. Now you can get a Chrysanthemum in colors such as red, yellow, bronze, pink, purple, orange, and white.
  • Sunflower Tattoo Ideas – Sunflowers not only represent sunshine and happiness, but they also help each other below the surface. Sunflower roots are aware of each other and have been shown to work together to share nutrients. Isn’t that beautiful? Makes my heart melt just a little. I love how much sunflowers represent and how they are full of beauty, happiness, and devotion. These small but beautiful sunflower tattoo ideas are one of a kind for your next ink design. See our list of pretty flowers and find your favorite.
  • Lily Flower Tattoo Ideas – Lily is a popular flower. The adorable color of lily is simply irresistible for girls to choose from for their tattoo designs. The Lily flower gains its popularity in women’s tattoo designs not only just for its cute, elegant, and fashionable appearance, but also for the rich symbolic meanings it carries, love, affection, modesty, happiness, warmth, and more. When it comes to doing lily tattoo designs, you can have a wide variety of designs to choose from. Lily flower tattoos often can be integrated with fairy, swirls, stars, and other baroque stuff. Here are 25 beautiful Lily Flower Tattoo ideas!

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August Birth Flower Tattoos

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