Inside: Everything you need to know about Tattoo with Ashes.

Are you looking for a meaningful way to memorialize your beloved family member or friend? Then do I have an awesome recommendation for you today…you should get a tattoo with ashes!

Okay, I know what you might be thinking… can you even do that? Is it legal? And most importantly, is it sanitary? Yes, yes, and yes!

Tattooing with ashes is an increasingly popular trend that allows people to pay tribute to someone they’ve lost. We recently lost someone in my family, and we wanted to do something out of the box with their ashes…that is how I stumbled across this beautiful tribute!

This is definitely more of a unique tattoo, even more, unique than black light tattoos.

Tattoo with ashes: the ultimate guide. Photo of simple initial tattoo.

So I am going to give you a complete guide on everything you need to know about getting an ash tattoo, from preparing for your appointment to finding an artist who specializes in this kind of art. I also go over the process of creating an ash-infused ink and important safety tips. Read on for more information about this unique form of commemoration!

What is a tattoo with ashes, and why do people get them?

Getting a tattoo with ashes is a relatively new trend in the tattoo industry, but it has quickly gained popularity among those looking for a unique and sentimental way to commemorate their loved ones. The process involves mixing a small amount of cremated ashes with tattoo ink before tattooing the design onto the skin. Who would have thought?

It may sound morbid to some, but for many people, it’s a way to keep their loved ones close to them at all times. Some choose to get an image or quote that represents their loved one, while others opt for a more abstract design incorporating the ashes into the ink. Whatever the design, a tattoo with ashes offers a way to honor and remember those who have passed away in a way that is both personal and permanent.

I think my favorite aspect of this kind of tattoo is the idea that your loved one is literally living on through you. It’s kind of hard to wrap your brain around, I know. But it’s so beautiful.

Step One: Finding a Tattoo Artist

Choosing a tattoo artist can feel like a huge task; after all, they are going to be permanently changing your body. But with a little research and patience, you can find the perfect person to bring your vision to life. Start by asking friends or family members who have tattoos for recommendations.

You can also search online for reviews and portfolios of local artists who specialize in cremation tattoos. There are plenty of different platforms to search on. I particularly like to check out a shop’s instagram after I find them on Google because you get to see firsthand the kind of work they do.

You also want to be on the hunt for artists who specialize in the style you want, whether it be traditional, realistic, or something in between, so keep that in mind. Once you’ve found a few potential candidates, schedule consultations to discuss your ideas and get a feel for their personalities and professionalism, remember, this is a permanent piece of art on your body, so take the time to find an artist who you trust and feel comfortable with.

When you choose an artist, they can walk you through the entire process, including how much ashes you will need and when you need to bring them.

Step Two: Preparation

Once you have found your ideal tattoo artist, you can start to prepare for your session. Depending on how long your tattoo will take(your artist can give you a time estimate), you can plan on bringing snacks and water. Tattoos can take a long time(one of my longest lasted 5 hours), so you want to make sure that you are prepared.

You also want to steady yourself mentally. This is a pretty heavy tattoo, emotionally speaking, since you have lost a loved one. It’s a beautiful thing, getting a tattoo with ashes, but you want to make sure you are in a good space when you go in for it. Some tears are natural, but if you are feeling very fragile, it can ruin your experience.

You are celebrating their life, after all. You should try and make it as happy of an occasion as you can. They wouldn’t want you to be sad.

Tattoo with Ashes: The Process. Photo of black and white sun and moon tattoo.

The Actual Process of Getting an Ashes Tattoo

Before learning about the process of getting a tattoo with ashes, I would have told you that it was impossible. After all, it will climb, won’t it? Or, at the very least, the consistency of the ink will be off? Surprisingly…there are many ways to ensure that everything will go smoothly. It definitely might feel a little scary, but the process of getting an ashes tattoo is actually quite simple.

First, the artist will mix a small amount of the cremation ashes with ink to create a personalized shade. Next, they will tattoo the ink mixture onto the desired area. Artists who specialize in this style of tattooing will know exactly how much ashes there should be to make the right mixture, so it is up to your professional.

The procedure is similar to a typical tattoo process, with the exception of the ink blend. It is important to choose a reputable artist who has experience with this specific type of tattooing.

Tattoo with Ashes: Ideas and Examples

Final thoughts on ashes tattooing vary, with some viewing it as a beautiful and meaningful way to remember someone, while others may find it uncomfortable or strange. However, at the end of the day, the decision to get an ashes tattoo ultimately comes down to personal preference and what feels right for each individual.

I wanted to give you some ideas to use as inspiration, so below, you will find some examples of tattoos that were made with ashes. As you will see, they look the same as any other tattoo, so only the person who was tattooed will know that it was done with their loved ones.

My family and I are thinking about getting bumble bee tattoos for our loved ones.

Photo of black and white guitar tattoo. Feather in Black and White. Wolf with red sun behind it.

1. Guitar with Flowers

2. Little Red Bird with Name

3. Wolf

4. I Love You Fingerprints

5. Dog Paw Tattoo Idea

6. Sun and Moon Tattoo

7. Butterfly with Ashes

8. Initial in Black Ink

9. Black and White Feather

10. Wings with Halo

Tattoo with Ashes

All in all, tattoos with ashes can be a powerful, meaningful way to commemorate a special loved one in your life. It’s important to remember that this procedure should be treated with reverence and respect because it can be very emotional to some people.

Be sure to do your research when looking for an artist and take time to thoroughly explore the placement and design options that best honor your relationship. Despite all of the emotions invested in this process, you can still ensure that during and after the procedure, you maintain proper hygiene habits, keep up regular aftercare practices, and frequently check up on your piece.

Remember that if done properly, an ashes tattoo can provide lifelong healing and remembrance – so taking extra care will ensure you receive the highest quality results. If you want to learn more about tattoo aftercare, check this out.