Nature tattoos

Turkey Tattoo

Timeless Turkey Tattoo Ideas + Images

Inside: Timeless Turkey Tattoo Ideas + Images. Turkey tattoos convey timeless magic across a vast range of demographics. These wonderful creatures are uniquely popular among fervent food fans and impassioned hunters alike. These bodacious birds offer a bevy of enticing characteristics that can swiftly enhance any man’s approach to body art. Thanksgiving is one of […] Read more…

Black and Grey Tattoo Work

Black & Grey Tattoo Work

Inside: Black and Grey Tattoo Work. What are Black and Grey Tattoos? Black and grey is a style of tattooing that uses only black ink in varying shades. This tattooing style is thought to have originated from prisons in the 1970s and 1980s and was later popularized in tattoo parlors. Key Takeaways: The black and grey aesthetic is not the same as black and […] Read more…

Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

Luckiest Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

Inside: Lucky Four Leaf Clover Tattoos. As a kid you might find a patch of clovers and pray to the gods above that you find a four-leaf clover because it was good luck of course. That cute little clover was the one thing you needed to change your day for the better. It meant you […] Read more…

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