Tattoo Sleeve Ideas

Butterfly blackout sleeve tattoo arms with flowers

31 Unique Black Sleeve Tattoo Ideas + Blackout Arms Design

Inside: Unique black sleeve tattoo ideas + info on blackout arms design to saturate your skin. If you’ve been exploring the latest tattoo trends, you’ve probably noticed that black sleeve tattoos are having a huge moment. However, they’re not exactly new. These blackout tattoos are gaining momentum, possibly because they’re a refreshing counterbalance to the […] Read more…

half sleeve tattoo

What Is A Half Sleeve Tattoo – Is It Better Than A Full?

Inside: Half Sleeve Tattoo Ideas. “Are Half Sleeve Tattoos Better Than Full?” is a frequently asked question by our readers. Before we dig into the debate, we’d like to first highlight that sleeve tattoos created to fill the entire arm aren’t for everyone – they are bold, overpowering, and intense. Getting permanently inked on any […] Read more…

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