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Important Autism Tattoo Ideas To Build Awareness

Inside: Amazing Autism Awareness Tattoo Ideas. Autism is a disorder (neurodevelopmental) that affects behavior, social interaction, and communication skills. The cause of autism isn’t always known, but it can be treated with behavioral therapy and sometimes medications. Autism Awareness Month takes place every April to encourage acceptance and understanding of those living with autism spectrum […] Read more…

Inspiring Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas

32 Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas To stabilize you

Inside: Epilepsy Tattoo Ideas Epilepsy is a chronic condition that expresses itself in the form of seizures.  Seizures take control of the individual and can be really scary.  Loss of communication.  Loss of awareness.  Loss of consciousness.  All really scary things. With the right support system, counseling, doctors, and encouragement you can turn that loss […] Read more…