Inside: The coolest Viking tattoos and the meanings behind getting Norse themed ink.

I recently took a 23 & Me test and discovered I have some Viking lineage! Barely any, but it did get me looking into the history of Vikings. During my search, I learned how important tattoos were to these ancient warriors.

People with larger percentages of Viking blood must be very proud of it. They should be; it’s so cool! One of the best ways to honor your ancestors past is to get a tattoo. Since Vikings were all about tattooing… this makes getting a Viking tattoo all the more perfect.

Epic Viking Tattoo Meaning

So today, I have compiled the master list of Viking tattoos. Depending on the size and detail, these tattoos can cost anywhere from $50 to $3000 or more.

$3000 or more refers to someone who gets a full back piece or body tattoo. That is dedication.

But before we get into the tattoo ideas, let’s go over some of the meanings behind them.

Viking Tattoo Meaning

In Viking culture, getting a tattoo was often a symbol of strength. They would get tattoos dedicated to their gods, their families, and anything important to them. There are many more specific meanings for different kinds of Viking tattoos, but today I wanted you to get a general sense of their symbolism.

In today’s age, tattooing is still a very important way to honor your ancestors, so when you see someone with a Viking tattoo, know that is what they are doing. Every person has a unique connection to their Viking family, so you can ask them why they chose their specific design and what it means to them.

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Viking Tattoo Ideas

First, I thought I would start you off with a good mix of different styles and ideas. These all fall under the Viking theme, but each brings something unique to the table.

1. Forearm Tattoo in Black and White

2. Viking Sketch Design

3. Viking Symbol with Deer

4. Viking Design Concept

5. Cool Dragon Knot

6. Red Ink with Detailed Knots

7. The Guardian Tattoo

8. Thor Tattoo with Dots

9. Viking with Beard

10. Viking Wolf with Runes

11. Epic Viking with Wood

12. Awesome Tattoo Concept

13. Nordic Knot

14. Family Tree

15. Wolf Quarter Sleeve

16. Odin in Black

17. Quarter Sleeve with Wolf and People

18. Man with Bird Hat

19. Viking Swords with Sun

20. Realistic Viking Portraits

21. Full Viking Themed Sleeve

22. 40-Hour Sleeve

23. Leg Sleeve

24. Skeleton Viking Warrior

25. Hand with Viking Compass

26. Full Back Tattoo

27. Big Viking Leg

28. Viking Compass Leg Design

29. Viking Chest Piece Concept

30. Colorful Sketch of Compass

Viking Tattoo Ideas

Black and White Viking Designs

I mainly see Viking Tattoos in black and white, but the list below is some of my favorite designs that I have seen so far. Take a look through these and see if there are any you like.

31. Thick-Lined Tattoo

32. Cool Knot Tattoo Landscape

33. Wings with Compass

34. Simple Rune

35. Black and White Ink

36. Viking Boat

37. Dark Viking 

38. Cute Compass Ink

39. Viking Woman

40. Welcome to Valhalla

41. Epic Black and White

42. Epic Detailed Sleeve

43. Viking Dragon

44. Dark Viking Boat

45. Personal Viking Symbol

46. Viking Celtic Heart

47. Compass with Tornado

48. Viking Warrior

49. Viking Symbols

50. Full Viking Sleeve

51. Wooden Viking Seal

52. Holding Mjölnir

53. Cool Skeleton with Helmet

54. Woman with Animal

55. Cool Viking Ink

56. Realistic Old Viking

57. Gold Dragon

58. Viking Rune Face Ink

59. Dotwork Tattoo

60. Ultra Detailed Sleeve

Viking Compass Tattoo

Viking compass tattoos are one of my favorite designs. I have even written a whole article about this one specific theme, so check that out for more information.

61. Simple Rune Compass with Twisted Knot

62. Absent Space Compass

63. Sharp Compass

64. Clean Negative Space

65. Compass with Moon

66. Tree with Compass Center

67. Knot-Made Compass

68. Root Wrapped Tree

69. Thin-Lined Compass

70. Compass Sleeve

71. Eye Center Compass

72. Raven Head Compass

73. Simple Lines

74. Orange and Black Swirl

75. 3 Lined Compass

76. Compass with Wolf Center

77. Calf Compass

78. Compass with White

79. Full Compass

80. Lots of Roots

81. Red Streaked Compass

82. Chest Rune Compass

83. Huge Compass on Back

84. Runes with Red Triangles

85. Compass with Rune Center

86. Stone Compass

87. Beautiful HandWork

88. Crow Cawing

89.  Watercolor Compass

90. Rune With Geometric Background

Nordic Viking Designs and Ideas

Continue the fun with these designs. I am obsessed with number 97. The line work and the detail…I love it! When looking through these, take your time to find the styles you prefer.

91. Sacred Geometric Design

92. Man with Animal

93. Snake & Hatchet

94. Red Wolf

95. Large Back Sword

96. Matching Viking

97. Healed Viking

Nordic Viking Designs and Ideas

98. Viking Plant

99. Simple Thin-Lined Tattoo

100. Big Nordic Bird

101. Realistic Viking

102. Detailed Viking

103. Compass with Quote

104. Viking Back Style

105. Hand Runes

106. Arm with Viking

107. Realistic Bird and Man

108. Viking Skull

109. Skull with Linework

110. Room Band

Awesome Viking Tattoo

Next up, we have some of the most awesome Viking designs you will ever see! They are not only unique, but they are full of raw emotion.

111. Rune Compass on Leg

112. Blue Eyes

113. Themed Sleeve

114. Three Triangles

115. Neck to Arm Tattoo

116. Powerful Viking

117. Viking with Birds

118. Hyper-Realistic Tattoo

119. Creepy Realistic Man

Awesome Viking Tattoos

120. Wolf in Light & Dark

121. Bird with Compass

122. Braided Beard

123. Matching Tattoos

124. Detailed Rune

125. Angry Wolf

126. Artistic Woman

127. Fish Ink

128. Beautiful Thick Lines

129. Compass Eye

130. Strong Woman

131. Scary Fish

132. Bear Hat

133. Viking Lady with Helmet

134. Celtic Knots

135. Tattoo for Woman

136. Lightning Viking

137. Quarter Knots

138. Scalp Tattoo

139. Yelling Viking

140. Upper Sleeve

Viking Designs for Men

Next up, we have some tattoo designs that are more geared toward our male audiences. Take a look at these ideas and decide which ones suit you best.

141. Dark Tree Ink

142. Negative Space

143. Tri horn

144. Manly Sleeve

145. Plotting Man

146. Dark Warrior

147. Skeleton Woman

148. Soft Woman

149. Compass with Grey

150. Full Colorful Woman

Viking Designs for Men

151. Family Tree Ink

152. Strong Woman

153. Viking Art Work

154. Viking with Eye Patch

155. Chest Tattoo

156. Dragon Circle

157. Viking in Battle

158. Dotwork with Color

158. Viking Boat

159. Full Back Tattoo

160. Icy Stair

161. Beard Design

162. Dark Tree

163. Tiger in Thick Line

164. Simple Words

165. Stoic Woman

166. Viking Bird in Black

167. Viking in Hands

168. Sun in Runes

169. Compass with Runes

170. Detailed Compass

Best Viking Designs

One of my favorite things about Viking Tattoos is the raw emotion you feel from even the simplest of designs. These tattoos below are no exception to that rule.

171. Lightly Detailed Wolf

172. Funky Wolf

173. Dark Compass

174. Bird on Man’s Head

175. Clean Runes

176. Scalp Designs

177. Small Rune Face Tattoo

178. Viking with Red Lined

179. Breathtaking Strong Woman

Best Viking Woman Tattoos

180. Rune Sketch

181. Grey Realistic Sleeve

182. Red and Grey Ink

183. Wolf with Knot

184. Rune Magic

185. Real Viking 

186. Dark Bear Ink

187. Beautiful Woman

188. White Eyes

189. Realistic Viking with Shade

190. Bird on Scalp

191. Family Tree with Clock

192. Full Detailed Tattoos

193. Negative Space Tattoo

194. Clean Hand Tattoo

195. Man Crying

196. Odin in Style

197. Battle Seen

198. Compass, Viking

199. Hatchet

200. Viking Fox

Epic Viking Tattoo Ideas

Now…this list is one of the best in this article. It is full of some of the most epic Viking tattoo ideas that you will ever see. What are you waiting for? Look!

201. Hooded Odin

202. Interesting Odin

203. White and Black

204. Rune

205. Thor with Black & White

206. Colorful Viking Woman

207. White Wolf with Blue Eyes

208. Heart Tattoo

epic Norse tattoo ideas

209. Big Rune Ink

210. The Rune Tree

211. Compass with Birds

212. Red with Snakes

213. Beautiful Rune Woman

214. Big Thigh Piece

215. Skull Rune Design

216. Snowy Neck Tattoo

217. Sketched Compass

218. Beautiful Tattooed Lady

219. Viking Show Actor

220. Dark Viking Sleeve

221. Cool Rune Tattoo

222. 2 Hand Tattoos

223. Absent Space Sleeve

224. Detailed Beard

225. Buff Viking

226. Shoulder Tattoo

227. Rough Rune Stone

228. Dotted Ink

229. Rune Compass with Boat

230. Little Guiding Rune

Dark Viking Designs

These are some of the darkest designs I have seen, not only in theme but in color as well. Notice how they use light and dark to bring their image to you!

231. Owl with Rune

232. Bird with Wings

233. Dark Runes

234. Half Man Face

235. Epic Half Sleeve

236. Chest Tattoo with Wolf

237. Simple Art Style

238. Detailed Celtic Cross

239. Viking Staff

240. Delicate Dark Little Tree

241. Smirking Viking

242. Negative Space Face

243. Woman Warrior

244. Twisted Soft Beard

245. Brooding Lady

246. Rune Sun Compass

Viking Tattoo Ideas

247. Sharp Toothed Skull

248. Triangle Horns

249. Battle Ship

250. Dark Yelling Viking

251. Viking With Helmet Dark

252. Horned Helmet

253. Viking Child

254. Double Sleeves

255. Blue Shield

256. Thor Odinson

257. Sea Serpent

258. Tattooed Warrior

259. Thin Detailed Arm Tattoo

260. Beautiful Man

Must See Viking Ideas

Lastly, we have some of the most must-see Viking tattoos on this list. From beginning to end, these are my absolute favorites. Check them out!

261. Tiger Wearing Viking

262. Army of Vikings

263. Runic Tattoo

264. Full Pant Sleeve

265. Light Dotwork Rune

266. Bear Odin

267. Wolf with Rune

268. Woman with Nose Tattoo

269. Light Runes

270. Dragon Circle with Triangles

271. Flying Bird Tattoo

272. Unique Viking Ink

Must See black sleeve Tattoo Ideas

273. Rune with Circle

274. Beautiful Dragon Circle

275. Braided Beard

276. Valhalla’s Door

277. Bull’s Skull

278. Rune Stripe

279. Viking Palm

280. Two-Headed Raven

281. Viking Triangles

And there you have it! I hope you loved learning a little bit about Viking tattoos and that you found some designs that you really loved. Remember that this is just a broad article about this kind of tattoo.

Each different design can have its own symbolism that is important to the person who got it.

If you are interested in looking through some more tattoo ideas, I have you covered… Covered in tattoos! Ha! Okay sorry. I just crack myself up. Happy tattoo hunting.