Inside: 73 Airplane Tattoo and Small Paper Biplane Ideas

There are quite a few different directions that you can go in with an airplane tattoo design. You have so many design options, in fact, that it can be pretty tough to come up with the perfect one.

We recommend taking a while to look over a bunch of planes from the present and past and then choose the one that pulls you in the most. Of course, if you are choosing to get a smaller plane or an outline of a plane, you don’t need to put in as much time researching different aircraft.

Take a look at all our favorite airplane tattoo inspiration and find which design means the most to you.

Small airplane tattoo ideas

What is the Meaning of an Airplane Tattoo?

Airplane tattoos are a great addition to your ink if you are someone who travels or flys a lot. This theme of flying can mean a couple different things:

  • A love for flying, which would be a great reason to get one if your a pilot, flight attendant or otherwise just love being up in the air.
  • A tribute to a time in your life, say for a military veteran to get the type of plane they flew imprinted on their skin. Or as a tribute to a family member who had a sincere love of flight.
  • For someone who has moved and left a family member or piece of themselves where they came from. Combining a plane with a small heart tattoo is a great way to do this.

Apart from these meanings, another common reason to get an airplane tattoo would be a feeling of soaring you might have from a great achievement in life.

It can also symbolises young love in a sense with the paper airplane style being a nod to passing notes in the classroom.

Airplane Tattoo Ideas

1. Airplane Heart Tattoo

2. Fun Airplane Dotwork Design with Flowers

3. Small Plane Traveling Around the World

4. All Black Airplane Design

5. Rose in the Outline of a Plane

6. Shaded with Dotwork Plane Art

7. Plane Flying in the Clouds

8. Geometric Design of Airplane

9. Super Tiny Plane Tattoo on Wrist

10. Airplane Trio

11. Dotwork Plane Art

12. Single Needle Plane Design

13. Airplane with Quote

14. Plane Finger Tattoo Idea

15. Thin Line Plane Design

Paper plane tattoos

Paper Airplane Tattoo Designs

What does a paper airplane tattoo mean?

A person can get their paper airplane tattoo as a reminder to let go of the things that have held them back during their lives or as a nod to a past love that they want to remember moving forward.

16. Flying Paper plane Design

17. Hands Letting Go of Paper plane

18. Just Let Go with Paper Plane

19. Flying Paper Plane with Heart

20. Wanderlust with Paperplane

21. Matching Paper Plane Designs

22. Paper Plane with Airplane Shadow

23. Dainty Black & White Tattoo

24. Vibrant Paper Plane w/ Flowers

25. Step by Step Paper Plane

26. Black & White Plane with Watercolor

27. Little Cat Playing with Paper Plane

28. Paper Plane with simple flowers

29. Abstract Paper Plane

30. Paper Plane with Flames

airplane tattoo ideas

Jet Tattoo Designs

31. Paper Plane with Jet Shadow

32. Fun Airplane Dotwork Design with Flowers

33. Jet Plane in Action

34. Detailed Jet

35. Dark Jet Plane In Action

36. War Plane with Face

37. Simple Jet Plane on Ankle

38. Matching Jet Planes

39. Jet about to Take Off

40. Water Color Jet Plane

41. Fleet of Jets

42. Jet Plane with White Details

43. Clean Simple Outline of Jet

44. Realistic Jet Plane

45. Simple Plane with Thick Lines

Other Cool Aviation Tattoos

46. Airplane Heart

47. Simple Black Plane

48. View from Plane

49. 1 line Plane Drawing

50. Travel Inspired Tattoo

51. Love of Aviation

52. Awesome Black & Orange Plane with sunset

53. Travelling is Life

54. Geometric Plane

55. Simple & Small Plane in Heart

56. matching Plane Silloutte

57. Realistic Plane with Orange Square

58. Awesome Plane Hand Tattoo

59. Butterfly with Plane Shadow

60. Colored Thick Lined Plane

Biplane Tattoo Ideas

A biplane is a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. Biplanes are distinguished from tandem wing arrangements, where the wings are placed forward and aft, instead of above and below. –Says Wiki

Biplane tattoo ideas

61. Small Detailed Red Biplane

62. Outlined Biplane Design

63. Dotwork Design of a Biplane

64. Old school Style Tattoo of Biplane

65. Small Biplane in a Cloud of Heart

66. Super Thin Line Work on Biplane Tattoo

67. Sweet Shoulder Version

68. Plane with Flames!

69. Graphic Flight Lines 

70. Shadowed flight

71. A cute airplane with wine glass idea

72. Old school compass and jet

73. Airplane balloon with a suitcase attached to remember all you’ve left behind

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