Inside: Golf Tattoo Ideas for true hole in one fans.

Golf has got to be one of the world’s most underrated sports. Many people think that it’s easy, or boring, or unimportant. I will not lie to you; I was in that boat for a minute. But I have since learned more about the brilliant sport of golf and have a deep respect for it.

There is so much grace needed to swing your club just right. So much patience is required to try again. Heck, there is even physics at play here! So I thought I needed to channel my newfound appreciation of this game into something that I do best: Find tattoo ideas!

Coolest Golf Tattoo Ideas for Inspiration

Below you will find some of my favorite cool golf tattoo ideas you can use as inspiration for your next ink session. Take a look.

Golf Tattoo Ideas

For this first list, I gathered a good variety of styles and ideas for you to look through. I know firsthand how overwhelming looking for tattoo ideas can be, so I try to limit it as much as I can. While you look at these ideas, get a good feel for the styles that you don’t like and the ones that you do. Check it out…

1. Home is Where the Golf Is

2. Sweet Dad Themed Tattoo

3. Sweet Crocodile Playing

4. Little Bear Playing Golf

5. Golf to Death

6.  Number Three Idea

7. Classic Golf Player

8. Messy Play Golf Idea

9. Ball Number 9 Idea

10. Ball On T Idea

11. Golf Is Life Tattoo

12. Skeleton Playing Golf

13. Realistic Golf Ball Tattoo

14. Frog On a Golf Ball

15. Goose Playing Golf

Golf Tattoos for Women

Golf is one of those sports that aren’t really associated with women, and I think this is so wrong! There are so many women out there that love golf the same amount, if not more, than men do.

So I wanted to include a section that honors that. Below you will find a whole bunch of seriously awesome feminine golf tattoos.

16. Cute Golf Flower Ink Idea

17. Golf Playing Girl Idea

18. Golf Tribute Idea

19. Tiny Little Golf Stick

20. Light Abstract Golf Course

21. Mario Playing Golf

22. Snoopy Playing Golf Idea

23. Little T Rex Idea

24. PC Golf Idea

24. Simple Golf Club Tattoo Idea

25. Golf Couple Swinging

26. Memorial Piece Idea

27. Realistic Shiney Clubs

28. Golf On Tv Idea

29. Simple Golf Holes

30. Mini Golf Tattoo on Ear

Golf Tattoos You'll Love. 3 Different Golf Tattoos Examples

Cool Golf Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love

Here I have some of the coolest golf ideas that you will absolutely love. I never knew how many different ways a person could get a golf tattoo, but this is really blowing my mind. I think golf is one of those sports that has equal parts serenity and adrenaline. These tattoos really showcase that.

31. Abstract Golf Idea

32. Skeleton Mid Swing Idea

33. Golf T Idea in Color

34. Black and White Ball Tattoo with Florals

35. Golf with Date

36. Frog Smoking Tattoo with Clothes

37. King Golf Ball Idea

38. Silhouette of Player

39. Mom and Dad Tattoo Idea

40. Cute Golf Cup Idea

41. Guy Playing Golf On Two Arms

42. Golf Heart Idea

43. Hunny Pot Winnie the Pooh Tattoo

44. Skeleton With Hawaiian Shirt

45. Ball with Number and T

46. Cowboy with Mustache Idea

Golf Designs To Represent the Sport

Golf can be your hobby, your pastime, or even your job. There is so much beauty hidden throughout it, that a person on the outside may not see. Just wait until you see these ideas.

Not only are they some of the most detailed, but they will showcase the many different facets that come along with playing this game.

47. Golf and Fishing Line Tattoo

48. Golf Ball In Hole

49. Anatomy of the Golf Club

50. Golf Ball in Black and White

51. Golf Palm Tattoo Idea

52. Golf Ball with Leaves

53. Cocktail Drink with Lemon

54. Traditional Ball T Idea

55. Girl with Flower Head

56. Traditional Tattooed Girl

57. Unique Styled Person Playing Golf

58. Betty Boop Playing Golf

59. Golf Clubs In B&W Idea

60. Cute Rabbit with Clothes

Sporty Golf Tattoo Ideas

There are many different kinds of art styles below, so if you haven’t narrowed one idea down you, this list will be the one to help you do so. I am not kidding when I say these are making me want to get a golf tattoo. I’ve never even played golf!

The closest I have gotten is diving for golf balls in the river. That’s a good enough reason to get one, right?

61. Traditional Little Golfer with Yellow

62. Golf Ink with Word

63. Skull and Cross Bones

64. Detailed Golf Ball

65. Black and White Ball Being Hit

66. Simple Skeleton Idea

67. Golfer Skeleton with Hat

68. Watercolor Golf Player

69. Funny Golf Idea

70. Traditional Style Arm Tattoo

71. Sweet Solid Colored Tattoo

72. Black and White Player Mid Swing

73. Looney Tunes Tattoo Ideas

74. Geometric Golf Tattoo

75. Person Mid Swing IN Golf Ball

Funny Golf Tattoo ideas. 3 different examples with golf balls

Funny Designs That Will Make You Laugh

One thing that you cannot forget is how much comedy is riddled throughout a game of golf. Okay, I may be losing you, but it’s true. I haven’t played, but I’ve seen plenty of games. Whether the person hits the dirt mid-swing or the golf cart gets stuck in the sand… there are so many things to laugh about. Take a look at these ideas if you want a good chuckle.

76. Live Fast and Hard

77. Mr. Meeseeks

78. Journey to the Center of the Ball

79. Clock with Golf Ball

80. Fish Playing Golf Idea

81. Well-Shaded Golf Ink

82. Golf Ball Green Ribbon Idea

83. Skull with Ball Indents

84. Ball with Whale Tale

85. Landscape with Golf Hole

86. Golf Ball with Green Holes

87. Above Far Below

88. Thin-Lined Cute Cat Idea

89. Abstract Gold Ball Made of Dots

90. Little Kid Golfer

Traditional Styled Golf Designs

The traditional style is one of my all-time favorites because it’s an obvious classic. More than that, it’s a great style of design that holds its vibrancy for years to come. Take a look!

91. Bumby Word Tattoo with Blue Background

92. Person Swinging with Different Ranges

93. Beagle with 2 Golf Clubs

Coolest Golf Tattoo Ideas for Inspiration

94. Golf Ball with Mouth

95. Goofy With Golf Club

96. Golf On Ground with Name

97. Palm Tree Scene

98. Golf Ball for Eyes

99. 3 Colored Tattoo Idea

100. Black and White Abstract Landscape

Coolest Golf Tattoo Ideas for Inspiration

Lastly, I wanted to give you some of the most inspirational golf tattoo ideas that you will ever see. Many people love this sport for different reasons. Some love to play it, and some associate it with a loved one. Whatever your cause, you will find something below that aligns with it.

101. Swinging Of the Club

102. Golf Flag Idea

103. Minion Playing Golf

104. Skeleton Dad Idea

105. Father Tattoo Idea

106. In Loving Memory

107. B&W Ball w Wings

108. 3 Letters and Clubs

109. Soft Tattoo Idea and Style

110. Owl with Golf Hole

111. I Love Golf

112. Setting Golf Ball Down

113. Golf Ice Cube

Golf Tattoo ideas

I hope you enjoyed this list of golf tattoo ideas as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I know that at least a few of these ideas stuck out to you, so I am so excited to see what kind of tattoos come out of this!

If golf isn’t the only sport that has your heart, I think you would enjoy some of my other sporty tattoo ideas that I have put together. Most of which make me want to call my tattoo parlor right now to set up an appointment. So what are you waiting for? Look here!