Christmas Tattoos

Champagne Tattoo

47+ Champagne Tattoo Designs + Celebratory Ideas

Inside: Celebratory Champagne Tattoo Designs + Ideas Champagne tattoos represent celebrations, whether they be the anniversary of your love or the birth of your child, or anything else that’s worth celebrating. The beauty of Champagne tattoos is that it doesn’t matter how elaborate or expensive the actual tattoo itself is; what matters most are the […] Read more…

Snowflake Tattoo

43 Unique Snowflake Tattoo Ideas

Inside: Totally Unique Snowflake Tattoo Ideas.  Ever heard of Snowflake Bentley? The man who first photographed snowflakes? We owe our understanding and appreciation of the delicate, fragile sky crystal to Mr. Bentley, who in 1885 took the first ever photograph of a perfect, unspoiled snowflake. He was the one to prove that every single snowflake […] Read more…

Christmas Lights Tattoo

53 Festive Christmas Lights Tattoo Ideas

Inside: 53 Festive Christmas Lights Tattoo Ideas. Christmas lights are easily one of the most popular Christmas-themed symbols around the world. So it isn’t a huge surprise that you can find lights in many Christmas-inspired tattoos. From small single lights to elaborate designs of entire displays, these stunning images will remind you of the joy […] Read more…