Birthday Tattoos

Cupcake Tattoos

47 CUTE Cupcake Tattoo Designs

Inside: Cupcake tattoo inspiration that are is sweet you’ll eat them right up. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cupcake? With so many varieties, flavors, and styles there is one of these sweet tattoo treats out there for everyone. In fact, there are thousands of different kinds. So if someone says they aren’t a fan, well […] Read more…

Champagne Tattoo

47+ Champagne Tattoo Designs + Celebratory Ideas

Inside: Celebratory Champagne Tattoo Designs + Ideas Champagne tattoos represent celebrations, whether they be the anniversary of your love or the birth of your child, or anything else that’s worth celebrating. The beauty of Champagne tattoos is that it doesn’t matter how elaborate or expensive the actual tattoo itself is; what matters most are the […] Read more…

November Birth Flower Tattoos

November Birth Flower Tattoos {Chrysanthemums}

Inside: November Birth Flower Tattoos {Chrysanthemums}. November birth flower tattoos are so much more than the traditional chrysanthemum, and they’re perfect for celebrating your birthday! Chrysanthemums make stunning tattoos with delicate flower petals, vibrant colors, and intricate designs; you’ll want one on your body forever! These beautiful examples of November birth flower tattoos will inspire […] Read more…

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