Inside: Refreshing watermelon tattoo ideas & designs that scream summertime.

One of my favorite things about food is that it can hold so much more meaning than what’s on its packaging. When you think of french bread, you don’t just think of bread; you imagine family dinners with delicious garlic bread.

When you think of soup, you probably think of cozy rainy days when you bundle up to keep warm. And when you think of a watermelon, you think of those hot summer days when you spend time in the sun.

Today we are going to focus on the latter and talk about watermelon tattoos!

Juiciest Watermelon Tattoo Designs For Summer

Watermelon tattoos are some of my all-time favorites to see. They are adorable, colorful, and hold so much childlike innocence that I know whoever I see with one of these tattoos is a cool person indeed. I have compiled a list of some of the cutest watermelon tattoos for those of you who absolutely love the summer months.

But before we get into that, let’s cover the basics.

How much will a watermelon tattoo hurt?

I will not sugarcoat this; a watermelon tattoo is going to hurt. Depending on where you get it, it will hurt more or less. Some of the less painful places include your forearm or your thigh. Some of the more PAINFUL spots include your chest, ribs, and spine.

If you are worried about tolerating the pain, there are a few things that you can do(on top of picking a safe spot). Things like buying a numbing cream or spray to put on before and during your appointment. You can also call your tattoo shop where you will be getting your ink done to see if they have them there already for you to use.

The bottom line is that your tattoo will hurt, but that hurt is so worth it in the long run. The end result is a brand new tattoo that will bring you so much more joy than you could imagine. So don’t give in to that fear!

How much will a watermelon tattoo cost?

Tattoo costs can vary from as cheap as fifty dollars to the thousands depending on the details your tattoo has. If you get a tattoo that is small and simple, you will likely be spending in the lower hundreds. But if your tattoo takes up a whole arm and or back, then you can expect to spend quite the pretty penny.

When it comes to tattoos, you can look at them as an investment. You are going to have this ink design for the rest of your life, so do not be afraid of an expensive bill if the tattoo is going for is a big one.

The best way to figure out the exact price of how much your design will cost is to talk to your tattoo artist. Typically they work hourly and can give you a good estimate of how long it will take to complete. So just open that dialog, and you will know!

Okay, are you ready to dive into the best part(aka getting tattoo inspiration)? Because I sure am. Let’s get into it.

Watercolor watermelon Tattoo on female sleeve

Simple Watermelon Tattoo Designs

I like to start my lists simply so that you can build upon your taste at a good rate. Otherwise, if you go too loud too fast, you can get overwhelmed and think this kind of tattoo isn’t for you. So take a look at these amazing tattoos that favor the simple lines over the complex ones.

They are so cute that I am considering booking an appointment for myself. You’ll see why.

1. Cute Little Fruit

2. Small Realistic Watermelon

3. Watercolor Watermelon Half

4. Traditional Watermelon Ink

5. Cute Simple Fruit Tattoo

6. Watermelon With Heart Seeds

7. Detailed Watermelon Design

8. Watermelon with Spikes

9. Simple Watermelon Sentimental Tattoo

10. Traditional Watermelon with Flower

11. Abstract Watermelon Design

12. Bicep Watermelon Bite

Realistic Simple Watermelon Tattoo Ideas 3 examples

Realistic Watermelon Designs

When I tell you, these look like they were photographed and printed onto skin – not exaggerating. When I set out looking for realistic watermelon tattoos, I did not think that the results would be something so mind-blowing… or that I would be hungry for melon by the end of the list.

Take a look to see what I mean, and then head to the store because you will be hungry.

13. Tiny Watermelon Slice

14. Delicious Slice of Fruit

15. Watermelon with Cupcake

16. Watermelon Shoulder Design

17. Simple Melon Slice

18. Half of Crisp Fresh Melon

19. Picturesque Watermelon

20. Dirty Dancing Tattoo

21. Cat in Watermelon

22. Sweet Little Summer Fruit

23. Vibrant Colored Tattoo

24. Cute Ombre Watermelon

25. Photo of Watermelon Slice

Fun Food Tattoos for Summertime

When you think of watermelons, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Wait! Don’t tell me… it’s summer!

Watermelons come into season during the warmer months, so that is when they begin to line the shelves of the stores. Naturally, people began to associate this melon with the summer season. So if you are a summer lover and want to showcase it with a tattoo…this is it!

26. Thin Watermelon Slice

27. Refreshing Watermelon Cut

28. Sweet Abstract Watermelon

29. Abstract Slice

30.  Ants Enjoying a Melon

31. Matching Watermelon Slices

32. Abstract Watermelon Design in Color

33. Watermelon Patchwork Tattoo

34. Small Watermelon Slice

35. Melon and Peaches

36. Eaten Watermelon

37. Full Watermelon

38. Adorable New School Tattoo

39. Bite Watermelon

40. Loving Watermelon

Black and White Watermelon Tattoo Designs

Black and White Watermelon Tattoos

Just because watermelons are famously colorful does not mean that you HAVE to get your tattoo in color.

If black and white fit your tattoo scheme better, then, by all means, this is the list for you. Check these out to find some inspiration and to see how awesome a watermelon can look in black in white. I love the number 43.

41. Watermelon on Vine

42. Watermelon Pop cycle

43. Fruit Smiley

44. Pineapple and Watermelon Ink

45. Surfer Watermelon Slice

46. Simple Watermelon Black Slice

47. Separate Fruit Salad

48. Watermelon Outline

49. Watermelon Planet

50. Black Outline of Melon

51. Watermelon Drawing Tattoo

52. Watermelon Garnish

53. Dainty Slice of Melon

54. Watermelon Ink Popcycle

New School Style Ideas

If you are confused about what ‘new school’ is, then let me explain. New School is a style of tattooing that incorporates bright colors and bold line work to create a tattoo that is both loud and proud.

To get the full picture of what I am describing, take a look at the list below. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

55. Viva La Vida Tattoo

56. Watermelon with a Smiley

57. Pineapple Watermelon Drink

58. Watermelon Art

59. Bite Taken Out of Melon

60. Colorful Slice

61. Sparkly Watermelon

62. Silly Looking Melon

63. Crisp Watermelon Line work

64. Big Eyed Slice

65. Beautiful Vibrant Tattoo

66. Watermelon Drink

Geometric fruit tattoos

Fresh Geometric Tattoos

This last list is full of some of the crispest and fresh-looking watermelon tattoos that you fill see. These make you long for those hot summer days! So if you are a fan of realistic and refreshing-looking tattoos, this is most definitely the list for you.

Take a look through these and try not to get too hungry. It is harder than it sounds!

67. Light Pink Watermelon

68. Half a Watermelon

69. Cute Watermelon Slice with Hearts

70. Watercolor Outline

71. Floral Watercolor

72. Colorful Fruit Salad

73. Arm Tattoo in Color

74. Snoralax Eating a Watermelon

75. 3 Seeded Watermelon

76. Realistic Summer Slice

77. Juicy Watermelon

78. Watermelon Crystal

So, did you find a watermelon tattoo that you fell in love with? Because I found five or six. Yeah…I am going to have to narrow that down. But these were so amazing. How could I just pick one?

I hope you loved this article about watermelon tattoos. There are so many other awesome food tattoos that you can add to your collection; the fun doesn’t stop here!