Inside: 27 Barcode Tattoo Ideas For Individuality. 

Barcodes are a broadly used tool to help with inventory control, warehousing, and other types of tracking.  A barcode consists of a series of lines that are differing widths and patterns that can create a code that can be read by a tool called a scanner.

Using barcodes in tattoos has become a popular choice as they can not only have an immediate symbolism or meaning directly within the tattoo, but they can also conceal a hidden scannable code that can be as unique as the wearer.  Adding a barcode to your next tattoo can be a really fun and personal way to create a unique talking point.

So what does the barcode tattoo mean?

Barcode Tattoo Ideas

What is the Meaning of a Barcode Tattoo?

The most common meaning associated with these tattoos is individuality. As the human population continues to grow at an alarming rate it is now very difficult for a person to be noticed as an individual.

With all the technological advancement and progress in society, it is very difficult to be identified as an individual, and so some people will use these tattoos to represent their individuality.

Barcode tattoos are unique in that you can conceal an additional meaning in the scannable code of the barcode itself.

This tattoo is also sometimes meant to be ironic. The tattoos can be used to warn people that if we are not careful as a species we risk becoming a product ourselves.

Nowadays it’s all about products and making money and so there is a feeling that humanity is losing the essential traits and characteristics that make him human.

A barcode tattoo meaning can also be used a sign of protest against a culture where everyone wears the same clothes or listens to the same music. In this case, the tattoo is meant to help one stand out from the rest.

Barcode Tattoo Ideas

1. Blooming Barcode

2. Priceless

3. Matching Barcode Tattoo Design

Black and white Barcode Tattoos

4. Barcode Design on Wrist

5. Top of Back Simple Barcode

6. Barcode with Design

7. Palm Tattoo Idea

Barcode with words tattoo Idea

Do Barcode Tattoos Work?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could scan a barcode tattoo and it would work?  Well guess what, you totally can!  When you select an experienced artist that can produce distinct and clear lines, your tattoo will become completely scannable.  Talk about a really unique way to express yourself in a cool and mysterious way!

Barcode Neck Tattoos

8. Back of Neck Barcode Idea

9. Free

10. Simple Back of the Neck Design

11. Side of Neck Tattoo

12. Large Barcode Neck Design

Barcode Neck Tattoos

Things to Think about Before Getting a Barcode Design

One thing to note about barcode tattoos is that they can look really great and be completely scannable when you first get them.  As your body ages and the tattoo itself ages, they can start to fade, combine, spread, and turn into something not nearly as attractive as the original.

To maintain the longevity of a barcode tattoo, it’s important to consider a number of factors to keeping your tattoo for a long time.

  • The tattoo would need to be precise, taking into consideration the very fact that skin moves and stretches. Plus, there’s this thing called aging and gravity.
  • There are better locations than others on the body, like flat surfaces, just like the shoulders or back.
  • The inked barcode could expand beneath the skin – there goes the white space!
  • A UPC code (which tends to be the most popular) needs about 2.5 inches in width to be scannable.
  • Code 128 barcode tattoo might be smaller in size – and adding a touch of short text beneath it’ll complete your “message.”
  • QR code just could be the ticket.

Name in Barcode Tattoos

13. I Belong to You Ana

14. Made In Design

15. Heartbeat in Barcode

16. One of a Kind Design

17. Roman Numerals

18. Personalized Date

Body Ink Inspiration with line codes

Unique Barcode Tattoo Designs

19. Pride Rainbow Barcode

20. Broken Barcode Design

21. Multicolored Barcode Design

22. UPC Chest Tattoo

Unique barcode Ink Designs

23. Barcode of Trees

24. Unique Ankle Design

25. Bright Barcode Idea

26. Covering the Mouth

27. Classic Barcode Idea

Barcode Design Ideas Tattoos With Dates

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