Inside: What is a Tattoo Scratcher + Why are they Bad?

If you have never heard of this term, then here is a definition for you that might be shocking.

A tattoo scratcher is someone that tattoos from the hotel room or from home; these are generally done in an unprofessional way. Most of the tattoo scratchers say that they have worked in a professional setup before, so there is nothing to worry about, but there is definitely something to worry about!

These folks tend to put a dent in the name of the tattoo industry with their actions; the beauty of tattoos and this gorgeous form of art is stained due to them. These people tend to diminish artistic integrity and are not loyal to their profession at all – still, they are found in abundance.

These scratchers are usually self-taught and do not undergo any sort of training by a mentor. The tattoo culture spreads its wings by handing the torch of art to the upcoming tattoo artists all the time, and the scratchers do not go through this type of process.

What is a Tattoo Scratcher Definition

The tattoo artist works under the mentorship of another tattoo artist till they learn this art with all its intricate values.

Scratchers do not go through any sort of training, and hence their work looks more like ink scratched on the body parts, and this is truly a sad thing to see.

While scratchers may have the creative wisdom and may be artistically efficient, transferring that detailed beauty on the skin is something that they are not generally familiar with. The scratchers are mainly seen working from their houses and charge way less than the tattoo artists; this is the reason why they can end up causing more harm than good.

Why are Tattoo Scratchers bad

The Dangers Of Tattoo Scratchers

There is a significant health risk which is posed by the scratchers; this is due to the fact that they do not pay attention to the process of sterilization. Other than that, they are not concerned about the sanity of their equipment. This can lead to disaster.

How To Spot A Tattoo Scratcher

There are many ways to spot a tattoo scratcher. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. The first thing that gives the tattoo scratchers away is the fact that they tend to work from their house, basement, kitchen, garage, or even their back alley. While previously, this was the norm, now, it is unacceptable to be working from your house if you are a professional tattoo artist. Tattoo artists are blacklisted if their employer finds out they practice from their homes as well.
  2. In many states, tattoo artists have to get a State Tattooing License, so you can check it if needed. This license tells you if they have gotten all the requirements needed for being a tattoo artist or not.
  3. Go through their portfolio or ask someone they have tattoed for their experience with them. The human canvas would say a lot more about it than words can ever do. So, make sure you check out your tattoo artist’s background rather than just jumping into it.
  4. You get what you ask for. While the price of the tattoos is never fixed, you would get what you paid for, nothing less than that. The tattoo artists usually charge you an appropriate amount; if you see that the person is charging too low, then probably, it is a tattoo scratcher.
  5. The environment is unsterilized and can cause dangers to the health. So make sure that you stay away from any suspicious-looking environments that can harm you.
  6. Make sure that your artist is asking questions about your previous health and any illness. This is important that they know the history before they start sticking the tattoos on your body.
  7. If you hear the term gun rather than “machine,” there is a high chance that you have a tattoo scratcher and not a tattoo artist.

Do not risk your health with tattoo scratchers; while they may save you a couple of dollars, they might cause harm to your health; this is something that you should never take a risk with. So, if you are going to get a tattoo, take proper precautions and get to know your tattoo artist rather than making a hasty decision.

Beware of tattoo scratchers!

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