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Just as there’s a flower for every occasion, there’s a flower for every month. For July birthdays, the flower of the hour is none other than the larkspur. Commonly blue, this ornamental flower can also come in a variety of colors including soft pink, creamy white, and vibrant purple.

Many gardeners will tell you that the larkspur is a perfect addition to any garden as it grows between 1 and 4 four feet high. Grown primarily as backdrop blooms for more striking, stand-out flowers, the larkspur itself deserves a shout out.

Read on to find out how the complex history and meaning of the July birth flower only adds to its overall beauty. You’re sure to find a design for your next tattoo appointment!

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July Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

What is the Symbolism of a Larkspur Tattoo?

If you or someone you love was born in July, the larkspur flower is the perfect choice for a tattoo. Larkspurs often represent personalities full of laughter, love, devotion, and lightheartedness. If you’re someone who loves and laughs with abandon, the larkspur more than captures the heart of who you are. Who doesn’t like a tattoo rife with symbolism?

What is a Larkspur Flower?

The tiny blue buds on the larkspur flower resemble a dolphin, which makes its Greek classification of “delphinium” all the more accurate! In Greek, “delphis” means dolphins. Some horticulturalists forgo “larkspur” and choose instead to call this conical-shaped blossom a delphinium. If you’re someone who appreciates the vastness of the open ocean, the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Captain Jack Sparrow famously demands, “Bring me that horizon”, or if you’re just really into the beachy vibe, a larkspur tattoo is a great fit for you.

What Does a Larkspur July Birth Flowers Tattoo Symbolize?

The larkspur flower has quite a few symbolic meanings. If you were to gift someone a bouquet featuring larkspurs, you may be wishing them good luck on a fresh start or wishing someone unending joy on a new journey.

Getting a larkspur tattoo can represent your lightheartedness or your easy-going spirit. July babies are famously chill–why not add the chillest flower of them all to your body art?


What Does a Pink Larkspur Flower Mean?

While blue larkspurs represent love and affection, a pink larkspur is going to have more a negative connotation. Pink larkspurs represent fickleness, an inability to make a decision. Probably not the best color to go for on Valentine’s Day.

What Does a Purple Larkspur Flower Symbolize?

Purple larkspurs are perfect for expressing puppy love. If you’re in a new relationship, go for purple! There’s a lot of hope and excitement wrapped up in purple larkspurs.

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoos

These July Birth Flower Tattoos are full of bold colors and beautiful designs.

1. Larkspur Hand Tattoo

2. Colorful July Birth Flower Tattoo

3. Back of Leg Flower Design

4. Fine Line Larkspur July Flower Tattoo

Pretty Floral Designs For July

5. Blue and Purple Larkspur Tattoo

6. Vibrant July Birth Flower

7. Larkspur and Carnation Tattoo

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoos

July Birth Month Flower Tattoo Designs

These little Larkspur July Birth Flower Tattoos are some of our favorites.

8. Pretty Larkspur Flower Tattoo

9. Behind the Ear July Birth Flower Tattoo

10. Tiny Finger Flower Tattoo Design

11. Simple July Birth Month Ankle Idea

Birth Month Flower Designs July

12. Black Outlined Flower Bundle

13. Small Bundle of Flowers

14. Larkspur Flowers with Quote Tattoo

15. Colorful Bundle

Small Tattoo Ideas for Birth Month

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July Birth Flower Tattoos


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