Inside: 67 Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Breakups can be very, very emotionally draining. Especially if you’re left with a permanent reminder of your ex on your body. Getting a tattoo design with your partner’s face, name, or initials inked is easier than getting rid of it.

Luckily, some crafty tattoo artists have the skills and creativity to turn them into something new, allowing them to let go of the past and move on.

We have come up with a list of name cover up tattoo ideas that were dedicated to their exes!

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

1. Bye Conner

2. Sorry, Wendy: You stood no chance against the Mother of Dragons.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

3. Later Edward: Crowns are a solid way to hide that ex and remind yourself of your own royalty.

4. Laura is Long gone: Get an owl to remind yourself of how much wiser you are now.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

5. Raven: Slap on a raven who says “nevermore” to relationship regrets.

6. Patrick and Bonnie no more: Really celebrate the fact that you are now a free bird.

7. Bye Bye Ricardo

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

8. Initials: Allow smudgy initials to blossom into something new.

9. Camden Cover-Up: And get a few roses in honor of you and Camden being o-v-e-r.

10. Butterfly: Give faded hearts (both literally and metaphorically) a vibrant makeover!

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

11. Everything You Love: Disguise the past with everything you love instead.

12. See ya, Chris: Choose what makes you happiest and replace your ex with it.

13. Ring Cover-Up: Even tattoo wedding bands can be fixed.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

14. Chris Cover-Up: Because diamonds may be forever, but Chris certainly wasn’t

15. Void

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

Bye Bye Past, Hello New Ink

16. Shit Happens: When all else fails, you can just be honest.

17. Feather: Forget the past with this pretty feather tattoo.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

18. Marge

19. Chole: The mountains are calling and we must go, sorry Chole.

20. See-ya Stacy: This beauty skull is the perfect cover-up!

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

21. Kayleigh

22. Your Name: Mistakes were made, no biggy just scratch it out.

23. San Franciso: Ah yes. I’ve seen this before. You trade in Francesca for the wonderful city of San Francisco. San Francisco knows how to treat you right. San Francisco would never cheat on your with Dave.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

24. Screw You

25. Rose: A rose cover-up is the best way to forget a loser ex!

26. Julia: A Cherry Blossom beauty!

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

27. John

28. Beautiful Butterfly: Forget your ex, think about all the new adventures.


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29. Big Spider: Now, instead of getting spooked every time he sees that tattoo that reminded him of his ex, he’ll get spooked by this giant, scary spider instead! Honestly, that’s 100 percent worth it.

30.Void: Hilarious. Love a tattoo recipient with a sense of humor. Tayla may be voided in his heart and on his body, but I like to think she’s out there living her best life without a dumb tattoo of her ex’s name on her body at all.

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Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Just for You

31. Rose: Glad JS was covered over with a big, beautiful rose.

32. Summer: This is great. I assume this person met Summer in barber school. Too bad it came time to cut Summer out of their life. But this little stick figure painter looks like he’s got it under control.

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33. Faith: Whoa, this is clever. Frank became “faith” with a cross in front of it. This tattoo artist is a literal genius. I for one have total faith that, with this tattoo coverup, Frank will soon be completely erased from his ex’s memory.

34. Feather: Now, instead of his name, she has a huge, gorgeous feather, one that was definitely part of those wings she flapped to get the heck away from her ex. Now, when people ask her about it, she can be like, “Oh, it symbolizes my freedom… from a real jerk!”

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35. Vroom Vroom: Look, the car was always the love of his life. Now he has the room to properly memorialize her. I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually broke up with Damla just so he could get the car tattoo without feeling guilty.

36. Will: You know that old saying… Where there’s a Will, there’s a way to cover up Will when he shatters your heart into a thousand pieces

37. Patrick: Doesn’t seem like Patrick panned out!

Cover Up Tattoos

38. Gene: When the whole prince turns into a frog happen in reverse

39. Isaac: Talk about a diamond in the rough!

Cover Up Tattoos

Moving On with New Ink

40. Flower Cover-Up

41. Jane: This guy traded in Jane for a way cool tribal tattoo!

Cover Up Tattoos

42. Thron: Every rose has its thorn, hers just happen to be named Andy.

43. Sea Turtles & Shark

Cover Up Tattoos

44. Free: She is free as a bird and free from Justin!

45. Darth: Perhaps the most epic cover-up of all, cover that ex’s name with the leader of the Dark Side.


Cover Up Tattoos

46. Owl: Get an owl for a cover-up to show your new found wisdom!

47. Raven

48. Lotus: A big bold lotus never hurt anyone!

See more lotus tattoo ideas right here.


Cover Up Tattoos

49. Another Beautiful Lotus

50. Diamond: Hide your broke heart with something a little more durable!

51. Storm Trooper

Cover Up Tattoos

52. Hobby: Cover up your old past with your new favorite hobby!

53. Monarch: Your relationship may not have lasted forever, but your love of monarch butterflies probably will.

54. Floral Cover-Up

Tattoo Ideas

55. Galaxy: When you’re no longer star-crossed lovers, just get part of a galaxy.

56. Wings: You don’t need another person to give you wings!

Tattoo Ideas

57. Mythical: Get yourself a mythical figure to guide you through all of your heartache.

58. Fish: Eddy looks better as a fish!

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Cover Up Tattoo Ideas

59. Royal: It’s time you realized you are royalty!

60. Strength: Now is the perfect time to flaunt your strength.

61. Lion Head

Tattoo Ideas

62. Be your own Anchor

63. One Love: You’re one love my be gone, but that just means you get to have way better ink now!

Large Tattoo Ideas

64. Wings

65. The Woods: This is one of my all-time favorite game over up tattoo ideas!


Tattoo Ideas

66. True Intrest: Now that they are broken up, the man can finally get the tattoo he originally wanted — an action-packed Batman scene. With Jessi out of the picture, he can pursue his comic book hobbies in peace.

67. Lighting the Load: Atonio’s name no longer hangs heavy on this woman’s heart. His memory is now light as a feather — a long blue feather with a yellow stem. That’s all that remains.

Batman Tattoo

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