Inside: The best list of Small Tattoo Ideas for Men.

Men’s small tattoos may have deep meaning or be the result of a passing thought. You want a small tattoo for a variety of reasons. These small tattoo ideas for men will inspire you to choose the perfect new ink!

I love tattoos and honestly, the only bad thing about them is their price. I have to save up for months to be able to get a tattoo. Sometimes though, you get that itch and don’t want to wait. So what do you do then? Easy, you get a small tattoo.

I have found the sickest small tattoos men need ASAP. These are all affordable, small, and hideable (if you are worried about that?). I took my time looking through these, so you don’t have to waste your time on the internet. These are serious gold, from meaningful mom and son tattoos to more funny options, take a look at each and every one of them.

Small Tattoos for Men

This may be your one and only tattoo, and you really want to make it count, but you are trying to figure out where to start.

But first, I thought we should go over some of the stuff that you may have questions about, like price and pain. These are important things for you to know about, so let’s get into it.

How Much Will Small Tattoos Men Love Cost?

One of my absolute favorite things about small tattoos, apart from the fact that they are adorable, is there a price range. Smaller tattoos are significantly less expensive than larger tattoos. These tattoos can range anywhere from $50-$200! This price is much more affordable than larger tattoos that can get up to $1000.

The only way that you can get an exact amount for your small tattoo is to speak with your local tattoo shop. Show them the idea you would like, and they can give you an estimate about how long it will take and the price that it will cost you. Feel free to let your shop know about your budget and see how they can work with you.

Small Tattoos Men

Will They Hurt?

I love this question! Yes, small tattoos are going to hurt. But they will hurt significantly less than larger tattoos. If only because they take a shorter amount of time to get done. So they hurt you less physically and financially! I am honestly not seeing anything wrong with getting a small tattoo.  I think they are a wonderful idea!

On the chance that you are still worried about how badly this will hurt, there are a few things that you can do to limit your pain during your tattoo. For example, certain parts of our bodies are more prone to pain. These areas consist of your ribs, your hands, your spine. Basically, any area where the bone sits closer to the surface. So avoid this!

If you are determined to get a tattoo on a rough area, then I recommend bringing in some numbing cream if you would like to save yourself some pain. These creams are amazing! You put them on the area where you plan to get tattooed, and they numb it so that when you are in the middle of getting it done, you don’t feel as much pain as you would.

Now that we have covered that let’s jump into the small tattoos men will love!

Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

There are many locations on your body you can get a small tattoo. Have you decided where yet? Here are a few of our favorite designs and locations for small tattoo ideas for men.

Small tattoos for guys

Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

The best accessory for anyone looking for a little edge is a small, meaningful, well-placed tattoo. Sure, the arms and huge back parts look cool and make a pretty big statement, but a little tattoo can be both tasteful and sexy without excitement. 

Mens Tattoos

1. Most people stick with more substantial tattoos on their chest. However, you can absolutely make a statement with a small chest tattoo. Look how cool the Bat signal is!      

2. You might be surprised by how fantastic a tree tattoo looks. Get a small pine tree or any other kind of tree if you love the outdoors!

3. I personally love the placement of this small tattoo idea. It’s masculine and unique. This sleek flower tattoo looks especially cool in this location. Definitely one of my favorites! 

Small Tattoos Men Need ASAP

I like to walk you through the different styles and techniques on the first list. This way, you can have an in-depth understanding of the many options that are out there. Ready? Let’s go!

4. Yin and Yang Idea – You can never go wrong with a yin and yang tattoo. That is why I put it first! This ink symbolizes the duality of life and the balance of light and dark.

5. Crown King Finger Tattoo  – If you were thinking of a finger tattoo, this one looks pretty cool. You don’t need a reason for every design you get, so don’t worry about that. If you like it, that is enough.

6. Little Cat Tattoo Idea – If you are a cat lover then I think you need to check out this cute cat doodle idea. This tattoo can symbolize an animal in your life that is near and dear to your heart.

7. Matching Little Tattoos – Next up, if you are planning to get some matching tattoos with someone that you love, I think that this is definitely the way to go.

8. Anime Tattoo Idea – If you are an anime lover, what better way to showcase your favorite show than by getting it tattooed? They always look great in ink form!

9. Beatle Tattoo for Bug lovers – I personally am not much of a bug lover, but if you are, then I think that you should seriously get a kick out of this beatle tattoo.

10. Customized Quote Idea – You can get a small quote of whatever phrase you want. It doesn’t have to be what I show here; this is just an example.

11. Small Antler Idea – I think this antler idea is pretty cool. If you enjoy nature or hunting, maybe this is a small tattoo for you. Lots of options here!

12. Little Bat Idea – If you like bats, then I think you will absolutely love this tattoo! There are so many cute ways to get it as well; this could be your jumping-off point.

13. Mini Frog Idea – I love frogs, and they make even cuter small tattoos men will love.

Small Tattoos Men Need ASAP

Cool Small Tattoo Designs

If you loved those ideas, prepare to get even more excited. These are perfect for anyone, whether this is your first tattoo or you need some filler for your sleeve. Take a look, you will not be disappointed.

14. Small Dog Idea

15. Cherries Tattoo Idea

16. Wings Tattoo Idea

17. Realistic Spider Tattoo

18. Music Note Idea

19. Square Triangle Circle

20. Air Balloon Tattoo Idea

21. Palm Tree Tattoo Idea

22.  Traveler’s Tattoo Idea

23. Wishbone Idea

Tattoo Ideas

24. This wolf finger tattoo is a wildly tamed small tat. It totally shows your wild side but in the best way possible.

25. If you want a permanent reminder of your heritage, childhood, or a defining moment in your life, consider getting a skyline tattoo of the city that has had the most impact on you.

26. Many people have a deep and abiding love for the sport of track and field and distance running. Take a look at this awesome little track and field icon. Plus, you can always include your preferred sports gear if you don’t care for track.

Sickest Small Tattoos Men Need ASAP

Sickest Small Tattoos Men Need ASAP

Lastly, I have some of the sickest small tattoos men need asap. These vary in terms of tops and ideas so I hope that there is something for everyone. I know that tattoos are a highly personal thing, but it never hurts to get some inspiration from the wonderful world of the internet.

27. We’ll Let You Know

28. Spiderman Tattoo idea

29. 2 Bone Idea

30. Silly Little Face

31. Match Tattoo Idea

32. Dandelion Idea

Sickest Small Tattoos Men Need ASAP

33. Airplane Tattoo Idea

34. Bunny with Horns

35. Clover Tattoo Idea

36. Banana Boat Idea

37. Egyptian Eye idea

Small Tattoos

38. I love this two-part small tattoo idea for men. If you are a lover of the sea then this fun little combo is perfect for you.

39. This King of Spades tattoo is simple, discrete, and small tattoo idea for men is such a classic.

40. We all have that four-legged friend that fills our heart up to capacity. Pay a special tribute with this small and beautiful tattoo idea.

The Best Small Tattoo Ideas

Small tattoos are a smart option for those who are a little nervous about the pain factor! They can be quick and add that little edge you have been looking for.

Small Tattoo Ideas

41. This placement is another one of my favorites. I love the simple text message writing is this perfect place.

42. This wickedly detailed skull tattoo is the perfect inspo for your next tat.

43. A fiery small tattoo idea for men is uniquely awesome and totally rad.

Wrist Tattoos

44. Temporary. This totally permanent but oddly symbolic tattoo is not only unique but perfectly placed. I love this placement and the simple nature it brings.

45. Part of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is covered in a fresco by the Italian artist Michelangelo entitled The Creation of Adam. It depicts the story of Adam, the first man, being created by God in the Book of Genesis.

46. I love this modernly minimalist tattoo it is super crisp and the perfect small tattoo idea for men.

Foot Tattoos

47. Sleek lines are a simple tattoo that you can have anywhere on your body and they will always look super cool.

48. A rather different location for a tattoo but a quit funny pun associated with it! I think this is such a fun way to get a tattoo that can always be covered up if needed.

Rad Tats for Men

Whether you’re looking for an inspiration tattoo to remind you of something special or looking for a little added art to your sleeve these small tattoo ideas for men are perfect for you.

49. Is skateboarding your thing? Then this tat is for you. If not, then check out this awesome small tattoo placement.

50. A little crazy, kinda silly this small toe tattoo is a simple reminder to stay happy!

51. If you like things that are badass, consider getting a small gun on your arm. 

Hand Tattoos

52. The Koi fish symbolize good luck, abundance, and perseverance. And We could all use a little luck on our side, right?

53. We are obsessed with the tiny music note tattoo! Whether you are in a band or just have a passion for music, this is perfect for you. 

54. We can’t get enough of this tattoo of the moon phases. It’s a fantastic representation of all the different phases and events we go through in life.

Face Tattoos

55. A good line art tattoo is one of my personal favorites. This thin rose tattoo is one of my favorite forearm tats.

56. Take it a step further with this small cross face tattoo. Its simple design is sleek and classic.

Cool Tattoo Ideas

57. Check out this stunning wave tattoo within a perfect circle! It is full of detail and precision.

58. This anatomical heart tattoo is captivating in all the senses.

I hope this is all the inspiration that you could ever want! Let us know in the comments your favorite tattoo location.

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Tattoos for Men

So, what do you think? I bet you loved this list of the sickest small tattoos men need ASAP. Honestly, I am not even a man, and I feel like I want to go and get some of these tattoos. I love them!

Tattoos are such a cool thing. You get to make your body into art, art that you get to carry around with you for the rest of your life. I think this makes it that much more special. What do you think?

Tattoo Design Ideas For Men