Inside: 21 Elegant Spine Tattoos for Women.

Spine tattoos are graceful, unique works of art.  They use the natural curves, muscle and bone structure to weave what can only be described as a stunning work of art.  They can be feminine in design, or roaring symbols of power.  Beautiful and sexy.

Generally, these works are large as they can incorporate a large portion of the wearer’s back.  That can cause them to be amazing, but also a bit painful and definitely expensive.

Elegant Spine Tattoos for Women

Pain is an inevitable part of the tattoo, I mean every tattoo has its share of painful moments. But be warned, the spine is one of the most uncomfortable and painful locations for getting inked than others. Making it symbolize strength and beauty!  Check out these stunning spine tattoos for women and find your next ink inspiration.

What Do Spine Tattoos Mean?

Spine tattoos symbolize the strength of a person as the spine is one of the most difficult and painful areas to get a tattoo. Some people get a spine tattoo not to portray any meaning, but because of its unique appearance and design.

Elegant Spine Tattoos for Women

1. Flowery Spine Design

2. Bold Tattoo Down Spine

3. Lavender Rooted Spine Tattoo

4. Root Design

Flower Spine Tattoos for Women

5. Long Elegant Spine Tattoo

6. Spine Tattoo Line Work

7. Dotted Spine Tattoo for Women

Simple Pretty Spine Tattoos for Women

Unique Back Tattoo Designs

8. Moon Phase Spine Tattoo

9. Tattooed Symbols Down Spine

10. Chinese Symbol Spine Tattoo

Meaningful Back Tattoo Designs For Ladies

11. Vine Down Spine Design

12. Spine Scar Cover Up Tattoo

13. Minimal Solar System Tattoo

14. Cherry Blossom Design

Unique Back Tattoo Designs For Women

Spine Tattoos for Women Quotes

15. Spine Tattoo Quotes

16. Long Quote Tattoo Down Spine

17. Dainty Spine Quote Tattoo

18. Small Spine Quote Tattoo

Word Spine Ink ideas

19. Upper Back Tattoo

20. Floral and Font Spine Tattoo

21. Hydrangea Quote Tattoo

Quote tattoos down the spine

Butterfly Spine Tattoos

Butterflies are a popular tattoo design and can make a beautiful spine tattoo. I just love how pretty these are and they can feature a single butterfly or a series of them in different sizes and colors.

pretty 2 butterfly spine tattoo

These pretty pink butterflies look like their vying for the best spine tattoo position available.

Vertical back spine tattoo

Another gorgeous option that has both the butterfly and a quote layering down the spine.

More Ideas You Might Like

  • Marigold Flower Tattoo – Most of us have lost someone we have loved, either by them passing away or the relationship ending. That sadness and feeling of loss can last a lifetime. The marigold tattoo represents despaired love along with light, power, overcoming obstacles, and strength. These beautiful flowers aren’t big, but they carry a large meaning! I think you’ll enjoy these marigold tattoo design ideas we have compiled, so be sure to take a look.
  • Flower Wrist Tattoo Ideas – It’s no surprise that flower tattoos can be insanely beautiful, unique, and meaningful. Depending on the size and shape of the tattoo design, they can pretty much go anywhere on your body and look fantastic. While many flower tattoos are elegant and feminine, there are some pretty popular ones that are more masculine. A large black rose tattoo is hard to beat because they look so cool. But big, brightly colored blossoms are also incredible too. No matter what your style is, I’m sure you’ll find a flower tattoo that is calling your name.
  • Magnolia Flower Tattoos – Whether in art like a tattoo or in nature, the magnolia flower is breathtakingly beautiful. It represents nature, endurance, beauty, and perseverance. Incredibly feminine, you’ll find both large and smaller magnolia designs. They also look fantastic in black and colored with pink. Take a look at some of these wonderful magnolia tattoo design ideas. Just a warning, though…after you look at them, you will want to get an appointment scheduled with your favorite tattoo artist!