Inside: Best Tattoo Gloves to Use + Why You Need Them.

What kind of gloves do you use for tattooing?

The extra assurance that black nitrile disposable gloves offer has been enough to make them the most common type of tattoo glove used. Black nitrile gloves also have strong chemical resistance should cleaning supplies spill and need to be cleaned up. Having the gloves in black suits tattoo parlors as well.
Tattoo Gloves Definition

Why should you wear gloves for modification?

  1. It’s Just Good Common Sense. No one wants to be sick, yet we’re constantly at risk of getting sick because we’re all walking around with who knows how many zillions of little bacteria and other microorganisms clinging to us and every surface around us. The only things you can do to protect yourself are to stay clean (e.g. wash your hands thoroughly and regularly) and add an extra layer between yourself and other people’s germs whenever possible. That means wearing exam gloves and even surgical masks when performing body modifications. Doing so will help cut down on the number of evil microorganisms you breathe in and the number you pass from yourself or your instruments to your unsuspecting clients.
  2. You’re Legally Required to Wear Gloves. If you follow OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard, which is a legal requirement for all tattoo and piercing shops, then you’ll know that wearing exam gloves is a must because it helps prevent transmission of bloodborne diseases. New mods are open wounds with welcome mats in front of them inviting microorganisms to come in and play. If you don a new pair of gloves in between major steps in the modification process and any time you break away to do something else, however briefly, then you minimize the chances of dropping off a handful of those nasty little microorganisms at the new portal you’re creating into your client’s body.

The bottom line is that it’s in everyone’s best interest for you to wear gloves during body modifications of any kind, ranging from piercings to tattoos to scarification and beyond.

Top Three Disposable Tattoo Gloves

1. GripProtect 

2. EnSure

3. Safeguard

Best Disposable Gloves for Tattoos

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