Inside: Best Tattoo Gloves to Use + Why You Need Them.

To become a tattoo artist, you must know that wearing medical-grade gloves when dealing with needles, tissue, and ink is necessary. You can use these gloves on your customers to make intricate tattoos.

Tattoo gloves are crucial in preventing bacterial transmissions during and after the tattoo process. They allow artists to use the required tools and come into contact with the client’s skin without worrying about transferring dirt, bacteria, or even bodily fluids. Although gloves are widely available, many aspiring tattoo artists find it difficult to decide which one to use. If you are also struggling to find the right gloves, this list of the best tattoo gloves for artists will help you out.

Tattoo Gloves Definition

Top Three Disposable Tattoo Gloves

1. GripProtect 

2. EnSure

3. Safeguard

Best Disposable Gloves for Tattoos


5 Other Great Professional Glove Options

1.   Infi-Touch Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves

The Infi Touch Black Nitrile Gloves are ideal for new and experienced tattoo artists. These gloves have been created to remain sturdy and flexible in all situations and do their job well. They are mostly employed in the automotive industry, which is a testament to their sturdiness.

The non-sterile durability of these nitrile gloves improves the whole tattoo creation process. More importantly, the wide range of sizes available for both men and women means that you will have no problem finding the right fit.

In addition, their micro-textured fingertips provide a strong grip, which makes it easy to hold the tattoo gun. Finally, the Infi touch gloves have been designed to be latex free and cause no harmful allergies, so they are safe to use!

2.   Ansell Microflex MidKnight MK-296 Nitrile Gloves

Ansell was established more than a century ago in Melbourne, Australia. They started out making rubber products and are now one of the most well-known companies for their high-quality goods. The MICROFLEX MidKnight glove’s striking black color efficiently conceals stains and dirt.

It provides a continuously reliable palm grip, especially in wet environments, and is completely textured and non-foaming. For people allergic to latex, its non-latex structure reduces the possibility of latex Type I allergies.

Additionally, these disposable nitrile gloves are available in a wide range of sizes to conveniently accommodate various hand sizes. They range from Extra-Small to Double XL in size. Overall, customers worldwide can rely on Microflex’s innovative gloves to go above and beyond to boost worker comfort and protection, regardless of how challenging the tattoo design or environment may be.

Best Tattoo Gloves

3.   Adenna Phantom Exam Gloves

Phantom latex gloves have long been a go-to item for tattoo, piercing, and body art workers and high-end hairdressers. If you prefer latex tattoo gloves over nitrile gloves and are not allergic to latex, these phantom exam gloves by Adenna are your best option.

They are made with durable, high-quality latex. While in use, their distinctive dark black color stands out and successfully conceals stains, inks, and colors.

They can be used by just about any tattoo artist out there because they are adjustable, flexible, and elastic. The best thing about these gloves is that they have excellent grip, so you won’t have to worry about the tattoo gun slipping out of your hands.

4.   Ammex Gloveworks Black Nitrile Gloves

Professional tattoo artists never settle for substandard supplies for their equipment. The same is true with their gloves, and these AMMEX Gloveworks Industrial Gloves are suitable for even the most difficult tasks. These gloves are of the finest quality and live up to their name and reputation. Even though they are a little bit thicker than regular nitrile gloves, normal finger and hand motion is still possible.

Despite being disposable, these are sturdy and long-lasting. The gloves are free of latex and have unique textured fingertips for improved grip. This product’s all-black color and design conceals dirt, grease, and filth to give them a professional appearance.

Overall, they offer the maximum protection you need for dealing with chemicals and are a fantastic option for tattoo artists wanting to impress their clients with their magnificent creations!

5.   Black Dragon Powder Free Black Latex Gloves

The Black Dragon Tattoo Gloves are extremely durable and reasonably priced. They are specially developed for the tattoo industry. These gloves are made using natural latex and will give you a sleek and pleasant feeling whether you are working in damp or dry conditions.

In addition, they help conceal the unneeded stains from the tattoo ink and other colored shading ink because they are black.

Additionally, their non-sterile design, which is of the finest medical grade, ensures that these gloves will never disappoint and will offer an adequate level of grip.

They are also unquestionably comfortable to use because of their double polymer external coating and absence of any powder inside. It’s also important to note that they come in all sizes, allowing users with different hand sizes to use them effectively.

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Gloves are a vital element of personal protection equipment for every tattoo artist. After all, if you don’t keep safety as a top priority, you risk losing potential clients. Each set of tattoo gloves described above is great and can be a worthwhile addition to your tattoo supplies. The ball is in your court now, so decide which glove best suits your needs and buy it.